Its incredible how bad 343 dropped the ball in this age of FPS gaming, how do we get companies to realize what they need to do?

2021.12.08 10:57 gregbeigel Its incredible how bad 343 dropped the ball in this age of FPS gaming, how do we get companies to realize what they need to do?

I mean honestly outside of Doom Eternal and Modern Warfare a while back, there hasn't been much going on in the FPS industry in terms of good games (there are some debatable others like Destiny 2 but those 2 are the only really solid ones that come to mind). The fact we only really have TWO games that are considered overwhelming good in so long is ridiculous and shows how much time, years even 343 had to make this game good and they just blew years of work for almost nothing.
-They develop a whole new "slipspace engine" and the graphics are just okay, actually look a little dated and there are significant frame drops throughout the campaign according to multiple reviewers.
-They hype up all the new sound design and show videos of them recording cool shit just to give a decent sound design game (AR sounds like an AR-15 when it shoots 7.62x51 which is a much heaviebeefier round). I can't even tell sometimes Im being shot until Im dead because the feedback from the game sound design wise is terrible and there's hardly an indicator on my screen, I want my shield lighting tf up when I get shot. Its even worse when your in a vehicle, you have no idea how close you are to dying until the vehicle starts turning red and its too late. Getting a sniper rifle guarantees you vehicle kills because no one in a vehicle ever realizes they're getting killed until the 2-3 sniper shots blows them outta the sky.
-They talk about "Reach level customization" and don't even give close to the number of armor and utility customizations to choose from at launch compared to Reach's (which had I think almost 30 armor sets to choose from).
-They lock us out of color customization instead of letting players take advantage of their admittedly cool new color system to restrict players to "skins".
-Some armor must be worn as the complete kit in order to have certain armor pieces that aren't unlockable on their own (see the commando shoulder pads on the Carter armor kit).
-They get rid of the classic shotgun for one that cant counter the sword or hammer anymore making close combat only for alien weapons, and they remove scores of older weapons from the game like the DMR and Carbine and Plasma rifle because some guns "ruin the completive aspect of the game" even though halo has always been first and foremost a casual shooter carried by custom games. I guess the Banished don't use a standard issue full auto gun? Whatever happened to having equivalents across the races? And so many new power weapons are more gimmicks then a power weapons which is why so many are based up for the standard AR and sidekick (only good editions are the skewer and cindershot imo, and the only good editions for standard weapons are the commando and sidekick).
-Still no idea when forge, assassinations, and co-op are coming (remember when everyone lost their minds that Halo 5 had no split screen and 343 promised us split screen in the next release? I do.
-Couple of decents maps but the rest are basic three lane maps that feel like they came straight outta CoD or some generic arena shooter. Whatever happen to maps like lockout with interesting lanes and choke points and multiple levels overlapping?
-Vehicles are so weak you have to kite like crazy to really kill anything. Plus lots of old vehicles are gone and you cant drive forklifts (this is outright criminal).
-Battlepass (I dont need to say more)
-Can't choose gamemodes for some blanket "UI" reason even though you could do it in literally any other halo game ever made.
The overall gameplay is at its core a lot of fun and very Halo, but the large amount of small to even large issues drags the game down so incredibly much I can't even score more then like 7/10 overall which is just so sad for us Halo players who have been waiting YEARS for this games release to just get an underwhelming half baked game with less content on drop then probably any other Halo game. What were 343 doing the whole time? How hard is it to make a good halo game? there are so many to look at for ideas, hell most Halo fans are just Halo 3 nostalgia kids who would literally just love Halo 3 2.0, although us older Halo 2 fans would probably not be as cool with it, but I honestly would still prefer that to what we got, it has actual fun custom aspects like forge to give the game longevity. I dont see this game having much of a playerbase after the campaign burns out, which reviews are out and while mostly positive it seems like it doesnt carry much replay value or wildly interesting aspects, Hell after the battlepass fiasco and everything I dont even want to buy the campaign.
They made the game "free" so as to avoid anyone bringing actual criticism up to it, and honestly the concept of a free game with a battlepass wasnt terrible to me (I loved PUBG) but holy crap they kept telling us how it would be different from everyone elses but I dont think any of us thought different as in WORSE THEN ALMOST ANY OTHER BATTLEPASS EVER DEVELOPED. At this point it costs SIGNIFICANTLY more to get stuff then it would if we payed 60$ for a campaign and multiplayer SEPERATLY.
And their marketing, I kept going to the youtube channel and seeing all the "cool" and "awesome" trailers they were just churning out to get people overhyped and it all just looked so bland and obvious to me. Some even just felt like discount overwatch trailers and just kinda cringe and childish, which what Halo is not, why did they decide in a game that was supposed to return to its routes it had to be a rated T game? for a franchise that paved the history of the rated M for mature awe thta stood out to us when we were younger, it meant something, that halo didnt hold back, and was more adultish.
I still dont think I hit on everything I felt like was wrong with this game, but I saw so much of it coming when they started dropping the trailers and their coverage of the release, and its clear how much 343 saw it coming too and hoped people wouldnt realize it.
Its just sucks so much when you've been a fan for over 15 years and invested so much in a game to then see the perfect moment, that was years in the making for the game to come out and just murder the competition, and just see it be just barely better the nthe other titles that dropped. Just makes me lose hope for the FPS genre and honestly games as a whole.
Im sorry for the long rant, and I dont by any means think Infinite is a BAD GAME, its just a mediocre Halo game, which is a franchise that means a lot to large group of people. Am I saying we all should drop it and stop playing? No its fun, but we need to get 343 to realize they cant pull all this BS on us, we need to hammer home what we as fans want. And hopefully with their "10 year plan" (sound familiar to OG destiny players?) they cant make this game into something amazing.
As for me, Ill probably keep playing, but just on and of until something really happens in this games development or 343 looks like they actually care instead of pouting when we call them out and us having to twist their arm to actually do stuff.
I do want you guys honest thoughts as well, and how we can do something to fix this, maybe ideas for what 343 can do to make things better, and maybe what new stuff you guys want added in. I want this game to be successful and not just fall to the wayside even worse then Halo 5 did.
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2021.12.08 10:57 perfectlylonely13 Recycling Empty Skincare Bottles

Has anyone found a system where they are able to recycle the skincare bottles or any org that will accept if you send them the empty containers? I don't really want to reuse them for anything and even if I did I couldn't possibly use all of them up for something. I don't know why but I've been saving some of these empty bottles coz they remind me of the lockdown when applying skincare at night was the one and only way I took care of myself. But I also feel hoarding like this is stupid af 😂😂
I know some companies are starting to have their own recycling programmes and you can send your bottles/containers to them. But is there a more general solution? If not - does anyone know what brands do have a recycling programme?
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2021.12.08 10:57 ArturEPinheiro777 After a week of trying, I was finally able to install the drivers necessary to use my secondary display. I want to share my history and the single script that saved me from switching to another OS

Hi everyone, I recently purchased a monitor to use with my notebook. I tried everything to connect it to the computer, yet it wasn't doing anything. Later, I went to many tech stores that couldn't figure out my problem and all gave up; making me switch to other Debian-based distros (which I found were not for me, making me wonder if I'd keep using Linux or if I would hand back the monitor). Today, after a week of wasting money and time, I finally completed this odyssey and was able to fix my Kali Linux.
For anyone interested, here is the script (since I cannot financially support the guy, I at least have to share what he has done so far):
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L’année 2020 s’est soldée par des difficultés pour plusieurs industries et entreprises, mais il existe sans contredit des entreprises qui n’ont fait que profiter de la crise de la coronavirus. Généralement, nous parlons des entreprises de l’industrie du divertissement et de l’informatique œuvrant dans le domaine du streaming TV, des jeux vidéo et des réseaux sociaux Pour en savoir plus sur ce sujet et comment investir sur Olymp trade, vous pouvez visiter le lien suivant :
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2021.12.08 10:57 ILikePaladins I did not receive Bounty Coins when unlocking levels in the Event Pass, and neither did the Trials of the Realm quests. Be careful, they cannot be recovered if you unlock it while the Bounty Store is not working at 100%! (About 1 week ago I stopped receiving Bounty Coins)

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2021.12.08 10:57 BroodWar Actual Mining Changes results

I don't know if anyone has tested this, but the Residue/Waste mechanic diminishes the asteroid BEFORE you get the yield out of it. If you're mining in highsec and you're using B crystals, you can crunch through an entire belt and get 2/3 of the ore you would have gotten before the patch. This is amazing. Residue should hit AFTER yield, come on!
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I swear I read a book that had the exact same premise many years ago. I looked it up but nothing comes up. Please help me out!
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