Waldhofs Stotz: Schnatterer & Höger sind „Vorbilder für die Spieler und den ganzen Klub“

2021.12.08 09:37 Krokodrillo Waldhofs Stotz: Schnatterer & Höger sind „Vorbilder für die Spieler und den ganzen Klub“

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2021.12.08 09:36 Synnova32 "Death is a form of salvation."

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2021.12.08 09:36 MyMcAdventures How many Scottish people (And non Scottish people) can speak Gaelic? If you can, did you learn it growing up or later in life?

Title pretty much sums it up!
Id love to hear some of your experiences learning and utilising the language. If you speak it, do you use it daily? On rare occasions? All of the questions!
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2021.12.08 09:36 TheWarTorn Opinion: Bats needs to use the cape and cowl when fighting more often, similarly to how he does in the "The Batman" animated series

The way he uses it to make his movements unpredictable and to draw weapons and strike from a completely hidden stance is how I've always imagined he fights normally. Sidenote, stealth should always be his main means of attack, Batman shouldn't be portrayed as bulletproof, maybe having bullet resistant gear, but never bulletproof, fighting hand to hand should be relegated to one on one fights or when he's ambushed.
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2021.12.08 09:36 superwyfe Quick reference to UK Highway Code changes - hooray! It’s about time.

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2021.12.08 09:36 Connect_Explorer_344 [PC] W: Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring H: Ask

I’m trying to farm Filianore’s Spear Ornaments from Ringed Knights, and being able to consistently get in backstabs would be very helpful.
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2021.12.08 09:36 NewsElfForEnterprise Dow futures pick up steam early Wednesday as Pfizer/BioNTech release preliminary lab study on omicron variant

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2021.12.08 09:36 Admirable_Ad9506 (OC) To give up masculinity… (picture of Oboro wearing joseon dynasty eunuch outfit)

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2021.12.08 09:36 CupSpirited I need ryo

What is the best way to get ryo
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2021.12.08 09:36 AutumnElegy91 PSA: Here's a way for new users to get free domains from Unstoppable Domains.

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2021.12.08 09:36 PatBrownDown They did what?

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2021.12.08 09:36 gretealf99 The Ancient Fear, Fiddlesticks

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2021.12.08 09:36 lollipoplover2930 sorry haha i fell asleep

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2021.12.08 09:36 FusDoWah Better alternatives for Acer Nitro 5?

I've read posts about people having issues with the Acer Nitro 5, thanks to the delay of buying it I've been given extra time frame to decide whether to buy a Acer Nitro 5 or something different.
A redditor has suggested that I should buy the Acer Swift X instead, it has the same specs with the AN5 but it has a ryzen 5 and it's also portable and has longer battery life. My mom also suggested the MSI GF63 since her MSI laptop is 10 years old and still works and it has the same specs.
What should I buy?
Basic specs of the Acer Nitro 5 i5 8GB RAM Nvidia RTX 3050 4GB
Acer Swift X Ryzen 7(based from latest model?) 16GB RAM Nvidia RTX 3050ti 4GB
MSI GF63 As similar as the as Acer Nitro 5
The laptops have identical price ranges with said specs(>$1200), can't go higher since I live in a third world country whose economy has recently bounced back and probably will elect as president the son of a former dictator we ousted decades ago without violence. Ironic.
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2021.12.08 09:36 DonPija What is your fastest time on getting to level 15?

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2021.12.08 09:36 Spare_District8268 I hate my father

I (19 M) really hate my father, I hate him for all that he has done, said and the kind of man he is. This post will only go over how my father treated me while there is about 16 years of events that I remember I will try and go over the main things he did. When I was four my father said that I couldn't measure up because I didn't know my timestable and I wasn't reading at a good level so in order to teach me he would make me stay up all night and slap me for everyone question or word I got wrong when I was 5 my father stranded me on the side of the road because he said I was being a little shit while his friend just left me there. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with a heart condition and then 6 months later my father screamed at me to the point that the doctors said I had a heart attack and while I was in the hospital my mother forced me to let him stay in the same room the doctors had to give me meds to slow my heart down because it was beating at 180 beats a min. My teenage years were not an improvement when I was 14 my father purchased a liquor store for 750K and then run it to the ground so badly that I almost lost my home in fact my father gave my numbers to his debtors so that people called me asking for money I then proceeded to correct them. During the 5 years my father ran the store I had to work 12-14 hour days during the weekend and during my school holidays there was one time when I had fight with my dad and after we closed the shop he wouldn't help me with the groceries and told me to take it out in one trip so I tried to carry 7 bags by myself while I was trying to lift everything my father closed the shutter and lock it up and drove away he only came back because my mother saw the footage live. These events that I wrote are a glimpse into my life I don't expect anyones pity and the reason I'm telling this story is that to anyone who can relate to this story you are not your parents you are in in charge of your own life and as long as you try to make a better future for yourself you are stronger than you believe and sometimes just making it through the day is a victory on its own. The one thing I always tell myself to go on is that I may loose a 100 battles but I will win the war. I hope this post helped you
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2021.12.08 09:36 3rdNihilism why no1 translate the LN?

ok so usually when a story is popular a lot of translation groups pick it up and i thought Tensura is pretty popular but i found out that there is practically no fan translation of the Light Novel since volumes 1-12 are already officially translated, volume 13 will have an official translation in about 4 months, and volumes 14-18(technically also 13) who were out in Japanese for quite some time only have MTL with small fixes, and i have no idea where volume 19-20 stands at.
of course, i don't expect or demand anything, i just find it weird that a franchise i thought was quite popular(in the west) wouldn't have any Fan translations. maybe it's not as popular as i thought, or maybe there is some other reason?
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2021.12.08 09:36 scarronline A dinosaur tooth I bought as a Christmas gift

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2021.12.08 09:36 PossibleRestaurant73 New achievement, all campaigns completed.

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2021.12.08 09:36 Angelic_Zalithan This movie looks like shit. I was hoping that they could make a good sequel to the shitty film “Sex,” however it appears my judgement was wrong.

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2021.12.08 09:36 TheLegendOfIOTA Right that’s it. Who wants to set up an IOTA Exchange DAO to help IOTA get listed

It seems the IF can’t take exchanges much further and are playing a waiting game in the hope they are listed.
We as a community can change this. We can make it worthwhile for exchanges to list us. I am not American but I feel for my American bros and sisters who are struggling.
I would be happy to help build this. If anyone else is interested.
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2021.12.08 09:36 130leopold Masters Module Help

Hi everyone, I'm a sport psych masters student at Loughborough Uni and for one of my modules I've had to produce a blog and infographic relating to an area of performance psychology. Part of the assessment revolves around dissemination and impact, so if anybody wants to give it a read it's available through this link.
Upvotes/comments/shares etc are all welcome as engagement is a part of the grade. My LinkedIn profile is also on the Web page if anybody wants to connect on there. Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.08 09:36 TiagoSacra Just finished my first run in Heroic, AMA I might help you

Yo everyone this post exists so maybe we can either share game feedback or you might need help in the game and I might be able to do it. Took me 34 in game hours to finish it. Loved it, 10/10
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2021.12.08 09:36 Tvhamster030 What is the worst thing that happened to you in a public bathroom ?

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2021.12.08 09:36 xioxii mfw

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