"Hoolier Seezer Shah-Vez" Brendan Schaub Supercut

2021.10.16 08:49 ScientisticalMystica "Hoolier Seezer Shah-Vez" Brendan Schaub Supercut

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2021.10.16 08:49 SurelyYouKnow This Teen Challenge sh!t is horrific. Just listened to & read this story via my News+ App & thought others would be interested.I hope more publicity helps bring awareness blow the lid off of it.

This Teen Challenge sh!t is horrific. Just listened to & read this story via my News+ App & thought others would be interested.I hope more publicity helps bring awareness blow the lid off of it. submitted by SurelyYouKnow to teenchallengeexposed [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 alixxxali was Zarathustra from zoroastrianism a prophet?

i am studying zoroastrianism and it turns out a lot of concepts are similar to islam. some things change over time from religion and change and i think there is enough there for us to see a link. anyone have any information on this?
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2021.10.16 08:49 Isaac_Madic Ouch

When "masaya ako sayo"
turn into "masaya ako para sayo".
Trust me, it hurts. 💔
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2021.10.16 08:49 justtestingkibbeout cant take 6-7 week old piercing out :/ what do I do??

I wanted to change my earrings (second lobes) for some new titanium studs. One earring came out, albeit with a lot of what I think is dead skin, and the other is resisting being taken out as if it’s stuck & hurting a bit, even though my piercings healed fine and I never had any pain, redness or swelling, or anything like that. The hole of the one I took out looks puny, I don’t remember my last piercing looking like that. I don’t know now if it is fully healed. If anyone could tell me what I can do about this, it would be a lot of help. Thank you :(
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2021.10.16 08:49 BrettB1997 As someone who complained about recruit being too hard on day 1 I just wanna say…

Give it some time. Once you get a good deck and a coordinated group it’s actually VERY breezy minus the last couple missions which still aren’t bad. Going through veteran with the friends now and we are doing pretty well almost to act 2. This is all after day 1 I complained it was way too hard and the devs needed to nerf the game. They don’t, so don’t be like me 😂 (will admit the difficulty spike from recruit to veteran is a little jarring at first)
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2021.10.16 08:49 Squirkelspork What's the story behind how you used social media to get a racist fired from their job?

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2021.10.16 08:49 oliviakim_3874 Bloody dream

Bloody dream submitted by oliviakim_3874 to PointlessArt [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 SnooHesitations4459 Hair

Anyone having trouble growing back their hair? My hair is growing….but not as fast as before tsw. I also noticed that my hair is a different texture. Before tsw I used to be notorious for having really nappy hair (I’m black). But going through this withdrawal… my hair is very fragile and thin. And in some spots my hair is almost straight. Like not even curly anymore. I should also mention that my scalp gets pretty itchy nowadays ( I’m 14 months in)
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2021.10.16 08:49 haggith0r MF strategy help

So I’ve been running Andy, Meph and Pindle in same game and then making a new one. Would it be smartemore efficient to run just meph or Andy for example and then start a new game over and over? Or do you guys tend to hit multiple spots/bosses in one game?
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2021.10.16 08:49 Georgie_12 I’m vacationing in florida till Tuesday

What are some fun things to do out here? Dm me please
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2021.10.16 08:49 Edward-Margon קדרה כרובית גבינה

קדרה כרובית גבינה מכין: 8 מנות זמן הכנה: 15 דקות זמן בישול: 35 דקותעם רק קומץ מרכיבי מזווה, קדרה צמחונית דשנה זו היא הפתרון המושלם כאשר יש לכם זמן קצר. יש בו הרבה ירקות דלי פחמימות ועשירים בסיבים כמו ברוקוליני ואספרגוס, אבל הוא מקבל את הכוח (הרציני) שלו מביצים וגבינות ארוזות בחלבון.
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2021.10.16 08:49 BotDefense overview for melkklierqv

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2021.10.16 08:49 RecognitionExotic960 Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to ask anything at all!
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2021.10.16 08:49 Morgan-992 This icing tips set assured to plaster a smile on any baking lover’s face, whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or Mother’s Day present you’re looking for. Made of high-quality stainless steel, safe, and non-toxic. This tool set is also easy to clean, makes it suitable for both home a

This icing tips set assured to plaster a smile on any baking lover’s face, whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, anniversary, or Mother’s Day present you’re looking for. Made of high-quality stainless steel, safe, and non-toxic. This tool set is also easy to clean, makes it suitable for both home a submitted by Morgan-992 to CakeDecoratingIdeas [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 Dangerous-Can-6212 Win fair or lose

Me: blue dog, Them: 4 dodos
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2021.10.16 08:49 andrewwebb1234 Binance Forgot To Enter Referral Code

The most used and at the same time the most reliable crypto exchange platform is Binance. Also, Binance extremely easy to use and learn. By registering with Binance Forgot To Enter Referral Code, you can earn a 20% commission discount on each purchase.
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Funding Your Binance Account As referenced before, Binance is absolutely a cryptocurrency trade application. This implies that to begin exchanging with Binance, you will be needed to finance your account with some current cryptocurrency. This should be possible utilizing some other cryptocurrency trade wallet. Just go to your wallet where you have the cryptocurrency put away, select the amount you need to move, and send those assets to your substantial Binance account. The most awesome aspect of exchanging with computerized monetary standards is that everything occurs in a moment. When you select 'send' from your crypto trade wallet, your Binance account will be supported right away. If you register with a Binance Referral Link, it will provide to you 15% discount from your each buying.
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2021.10.16 08:49 kimkardashiansring I colored a Jirou sketch for a little project I’m working on (will post when done)

I colored a Jirou sketch for a little project I’m working on (will post when done) submitted by kimkardashiansring to ChurchOfJirou [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 I_Ziellos_I Yes.

Yes. submitted by I_Ziellos_I to 8BitgamingSubmission [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 Sad_Perspective_2038 How to get over your abusive ex

I am writing this feeling completely lost. I went through a breakup about two months ago and I thought I would be over this already because I have every reason to do so. I met my ex (24) when we were both 19, he is only a few months older than me. I met him when I had just moved to the city, full of hopes and dreams and he seemed to be everything I ever wanted. He was the sweetest, most supportive and loving person I had ever met. Being also my first bf I fell hard. I didn’t have anyone but him since it was a new start for me and I guess I should’ve noticed the red flags whenever he would come in between me making friends or giving attention to family members. At first I thought he was my rock, but after a while the relationship was incredibly codependent and I ended up doing many things I didn’t want to because he insisted, like moving in together so young (21). After some time I became resentful because all my dreams had been pushed aside, I had no money, no car, no stable job and was miserable but I couldn’t leave him. It wasn’t until I caught him cheating that I ended the relationship, but he begged and said he wanted to end his life. The cheating caught me and my family so off guard because outside of feeling stuck and broke he had this unquestionable persona who was crazy about me. Very religious person who desired a family with me. He was so good at this role that even my parents suggested I gave him a second chance. He begged and cried over the phone for months. Swore on his mother’s life he never “actually” cheated since it was only a text and wasn’t planning to meet with her. (Only to now know he did cheat and it happened in my apartment and in the bed I bought) I took him back and that has to be my biggest mistake. We were together for another 9 months and it’s hard to remember a day when he didn’t make me cry. He kept blaming me for bringing up the topic and basically said he wouldn’t have cheated if I had been more attentive. He ended up texting another girl while he had just asked me to move in with him again. Although I had proof he somehow convinced me it was the girl plotting against him. We tried to work things out but he started to yell at me in public. After that he asked for space, but if I’d go out he would come back. He would come back every time he had seual needs and I was so convinced that he was there because he missed me. After asking for space I asked him if there was someone else envolved and he said I was crazy to think that way, that he wanted us to work out but needed to cool down. He also invited me to his house since I was leaving the city to visit family. At his place I found out he was not only seeing someone, but was engaged to her. This was an old friend who he had said was his cousin. I tried to let this girl know the situation because it didn’t seem fair to her and she called me a crazy ex although I had proof of being in his place atm!! He then grabbed my stuff, threw them to the street and threatned to call the police if I didn’t leave. After that he has both threatned me saying he hasn’t begun hurting me and that I’ll never get to be happy and he has also apologized and said he will always love me and knows we are together in another life time only to again remind me I’m worthless. (Last time was about a week ago) I don’t know why I don’t hate him yet. I still cry over this, but what bothers me the most is that I don’t only cry because I’m angry, I’m hurt. I can’t understand how I didn’t see who he truly was. I feel incredibly stup*d. I haven’t been able to delete the pictures and “love” messages. I feel like the person I dated for 5 years never exited or he di3d. I keep remembering how he would look at me and all the things he would do and I can’t understand how or why he would do any of it while stabb!ng me from the back like this. There was NOTHING I wouldn’t do for him I just don’t know why he would treat me this way. Worst part is he has made it clear to let everyone know he hates me and that he left me for someone else and that this new person is everything he always wanted. I know I shouldn’t care about them but it seems so unfair that they get to walk out of this as if I hadn’t just been murdered in the process. I’m just so mad at myself because I still cry over this and I still find myself missing what I thought we had. Anyways, I’m sorry for the 10 page post. I just can’t talk about this with my family or friends anymore because it’s already been enough.
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2021.10.16 08:49 Flyallright228 Is the reason why tennis players meltdown more than other athletes because its a one on one sport?

As in, no blaming team members for your loss.
If you lose then its because you fucked up.
You can't blame anyone else so they meltdowm
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2021.10.16 08:49 Impressive_Habit5688 FesBNB - The Safest and Fairest platform for everyone!

Stake your FesBNB and get ETH, ADA, XRP, CAKE, and DOT in single pool, or just simply holding FesBNB you'll get rewarded 5% in BNB every transaction!
FesBNB officially partnered with BurningMoon involved NFT Things, and that would help him easily pumping at launch with this Partnership and Revolutionary Staking Platform.
Develop by Sir Tris, Fully-Audited by Trynos, and partnered with Rainhard
Website : https://fesbnb.io/
Whitepaper : https://fesbnb.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/FesBNB-Whitepaper-1.pdf
3 SAFUEST DEV contribute in this project.
20% Tax on every transactions.

They have whitelist competition running. Also, Private Saler and Whitelist Saler will receive their tokens an hour before launch, to give them opportunity to stake their tokens.
💳 How To Buy? 💳
💳 Website : https://fesbnb.io/
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x87e4da0d8736ce3e10c891dec56af77c6f1d936d
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x87e4da0d8736ce3e10c891dec56af77c6f1d936d
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x87e4da0d8736ce3e10c891dec56af77c6f1d936d#readContract
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR
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2021.10.16 08:49 Trissiboi Uhm... what?

Uhm... what? submitted by Trissiboi to MADFUT [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:49 juanchai Defender - Feel It (Bass) [GYRO 03] (1993)

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2021.10.16 08:49 c_o__l___i____n Whole computer crashed and now windows won’t boot. I’ve tried every YouTube and google tutorial and nothing works.

I was playing TF2 and boom everything went wrong. It keeps going into recovery mode and like I said in the title I’ve tried every solution. It may not be a gaming computer problem but I honestly have no idea what to do and I thought you guys would know.
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