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Should I wait to file a dispute?

2021.10.16 08:42 overmyfreedom Should I wait to file a dispute?

So I ordered from a seller on Aliexpress on 09/18. Item was originally estimated to be delivered on Oct 6th, but I noticed the tracking details on the website was stuck on Oct 6th for about a week now. So I took a closer look and noticed that the delivery address was wrong; the street number was accurate but they inserted a different street name in between my actual street name. Zip code was the same. I reached out to the seller and she hasn’t been helpful at all. Basically told me my order was on its way. So I used both 17track and pacelsapp and basically discovered that my package was returned to sender due to “wrong address” on Oct 8th.
I’m not sure how to proceed. I chose standard shipping and my “order would be closed in 47 days.”
Should I file a dispute right now? The tracking info on the website is stuck on “delivering” instead accurately updating to return to sender. When I file a dispute should I use screenshots from 17track as evidence? I’m so confused and disappointed in the website or seller, frankly I’m not sure who’s responsible.
This is my first time using Aliepexress btw.
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2021.10.16 08:42 Salem_Activist And what about Salem PD? (

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2021.10.16 08:42 Max94xcx 😍

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2021.10.16 08:42 ami_nil1987 AIIP is a terrific and promising project that is in step with the times

AIIP is a terrific and promising project that is in step with the times AIIP is a terrific and promising project that is in step with the times. I see the team developing and gaining momentum. So do not waste time and join right now. AIIP enforces a maximum level of engagement, and a client receives fast and guaranteed profits by selling coins at inflated prices. AIIP platform has a three-part solution: analyzing available data from news and social media to make predictions, checking financial indicators to spot trends, and finding the best prices across exchanges. The Project will be a huge success thanks to a strong and dedicated team, and of course an excellent product!
#Investment #AIIPpromo #AIIP #AI #DeepLearning #MachineLearning
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2021.10.16 08:42 Me__lisssa How do you like my new shoes? 😻

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2021.10.16 08:42 TheGrapheneMechanic My grandma walked in on me masturbating.

She nearly had a stroke.
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2021.10.16 08:42 F0R3S7c0y073 eli5 How does allergy medicine work? Like Zertec or Allegra.

Been taking allergy medicine for years, how does it suppress my allergic reaction to the world around me?
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2021.10.16 08:42 Vico1725 On the ecological imagination of Albert Camus

“Nature, for Camus, is not an object, over and against which some subject emerges, which then delineates itself through this false separation. And so, his thinking about nature does not result in some form of environmentalism – a doctrine of nature – that considers the natural world as transcending humanity, as having some meaning separate from us, but which, at the same time, imposes on us as if from the outside a form of moral behaviour. Camus’ point is the opposite: it is not that nature transcends humanity – it is that humanity does not transcend nature. The natural world circumscribes the limits within which the human world operates. Likewise, the human world is circumscribed by the limits of the human body, to the degree that the body is part of this natural world. This constitutes also the limits to our thinking – even when that thinking is concerning our experiences within and of nature.”
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2021.10.16 08:42 shez33 Fan made Bob's Burger's / Archer crossover.

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2021.10.16 08:42 tekkenfanaticlfc jade cargill

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2021.10.16 08:42 HiddenPinay LF to read. BAMF Female Main Character fic. Self-insert or OC or Canon. around 1k+ kudos or 1k+ followers. Genfic or F/M only.

Looking for fic to read. Please rec me some fics to read. Any fandom.
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2021.10.16 08:42 FantasticDog7338 Inktober day 16: Compass [OC]

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2021.10.16 08:42 tge6bill Elon Musk says let your airline know you want Starlink "on your airliner" because "Starlink could add “low latency ~half gigabit connectivity in the air!”"

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2021.10.16 08:42 Creative-Celery3403 25 [M4F] Molito then check in?

Hi! Will be in molito later with some friends. Want to join us for dinne? Then after If you want to check in, i can shoulder all expenses. (Looking for a fubu/fwb din if you are interested!)
It can be sfw or nsfw!
About me: 25 M Working professional Can drive Average built and bmi Will spoil you with food Fully vaccinated Loves to watch documentaries Have 2 cats at home Occasionally plays games Investment nerd
About you: Above 18 Fit to slight chubby. Around south NCR preferably.
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2021.10.16 08:42 Immediate_Question99 💰 BABY FLOKI GAME 💰 Stealth Launch 💰 Listed On PancakeSwap 💰 Liquidity locked 💰

💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰💰


⏰ 5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH ⏰

💌 Telegram

🎯 Pancake Swap :

🎯 Honeypot: Zero TX

🎯 Deeplock: Lock LP 90 Days

🌏 Token BABY FLOKI GAME is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. 🌏


🎯 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...🎯

🎯 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary) 🎯
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2021.10.16 08:42 ebookart VOOHOO – Short Video & Live Streaming App

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2021.10.16 08:42 Articuno82 I would like to announce I have found the 905 EUGHHHH clip

Skip to 15:18
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2021.10.16 08:42 JustaGoodGuyHere Question: What is the general Quaker position on mortification of the flesh?

I began fasting recently in an effort to become closer to the Divine by sharing in some small portion of the pain that was experienced by Christ, by those I’ve transgressed against in life, and through suffering the world over.
I started to entertain the thought of self-flagellation, but seeing as that is a more extreme practice that’s rare even in other denominations, I wanted to ask you for your thoughts on mortification of the flesh in general. Is it something a Quaker should avoid?
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2021.10.16 08:42 Dear_Bboy "I like you, but I don't need you" - some comments on how to improve in this regard, I am learning

I am in the process of improving my self value, I am 24 years old right now and I need a change.

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2021.10.16 08:42 Then_Cartographer_98 Banette 9829 4818 8500

9829 4818 8500
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2021.10.16 08:42 junkkysixx New Music Alert: Novi singl gupe Budderside/ Zašto je bolje pratiti nove rock bendove?

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2021.10.16 08:42 m3m3d3aler Animating this wallpaper

Hi, I was wondering if someone can animate this Wall-E wallpaper to fit 3440x1440 perfectly?
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2021.10.16 08:42 CookiesMan20187 Bruh my girlfriend got thanos snapped and when she came back she was still underage wtf man

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2021.10.16 08:42 SkiddyBopBeep Who was your worst teacher?

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2021.10.16 08:42 jnschan [25M] rate please, (2nd posting)!currently relying on AI to rate my face but im not sure if its accurate lmao some of these were used to optimize my rating with the AI. XD

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