Chill clubs on campus

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2021.10.16 06:46 altaniel0 Chill clubs on campus

Hi yall! Fellow freshman here, I've been looking all over the internet and maize pages to try to find cool, low commitment clubs to join to meet more people. I'm really into music and discussion-group-like clubs, so I was wondering if there was an RnB, Soul music listening club or anything of the sort. Or if there are any clubs that allow students to come together and talk about and chill about random topics. Is there a club for MBTI personality types? cuz I'm into that lol.
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2021.10.16 06:46 edwyeo Me every Thursday, before I pretend that the jokes about me balding at 24 don’t hurt at all

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2021.10.16 06:46 LSAT_Blog Applying To Law School With Low GPA

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2021.10.16 06:46 imoney98 How should I continue this conversation? I honestly didn’t expect a response. (Freshly out of a 6 year relationship) I’d love some suggestions on continuing the convo with this girl!

How should I continue this conversation? I honestly didn’t expect a response. (Freshly out of a 6 year relationship) I’d love some suggestions on continuing the convo with this girl! submitted by imoney98 to Tinder [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 06:46 Thadirt my dumb chihuahua looking wise.

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2021.10.16 06:46 Jyku First Light - "50,000 people used to live here..."

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2021.10.16 06:46 golf_future need help in solving an issue

when i drag an audio file it does not pop up on the track, anyone know how to fix this?
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2021.10.16 06:46 Apexflatline Method2Madness signs NLN

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2021.10.16 06:46 FxBangl Variant Covers of #Peacemaker revealing glimpses of #JudoMaster & #Vigilante

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2021.10.16 06:46 ammybanan Personal Website - Netlify Question

Hi! Using Netlify + Github to create a simple static personal website to host an about me/resume (I'm on the job search). I'm just curious - I'm going this route as I'm broke and know enough CSS/HTML to do this - but I don't know anything about actually hosting.
Besides what Netlify gives me, should I be worried about..a DDOS attack? How do I try to ensure that doesn't happen? Is there any way to say - I don't know - after $2 worth of charges, shut my site down? I've done a lot of Googling and these are my remaining ?s!
I can't pay for Squarespace/etc and this seemed the best option (also considered AWS S3). Just not tech-savvy enough to know about actually hosting it!
Thank you!
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2021.10.16 06:46 Matisse12127 Do you think I need jaw surgery. Background info: 16 years old, I have sleep apnea, currently using cpap however don’t want to continue using in college/when I leave school

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2021.10.16 06:46 soft-indie-girl Anyone want to adopt these babies? LR: Dickface, Existential Crisis, Black, Pogi

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2021.10.16 06:46 ThatOneDegenerate69 My Fanart of Rin from the music video "Shelter"

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2021.10.16 06:46 mydeathwillsuck LAFFF LOAFS FOR DAYS

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2021.10.16 06:46 true_lidra Mud ready!

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2021.10.16 06:46 wiseguysamurai Has performance improved with latest patch?

New patch sounds exciting just wondering if performance has improved since my pc had a hard time running the game last time I played.
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2021.10.16 06:46 Taprman612 Do you approve of Governor Taprman612 of Mississippi?

Check out the psus Governor sub to see bills
View Poll
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2021.10.16 06:46 ThaiGodOfDeath Which one was the most stupid theory on this sub?

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2021.10.16 06:46 Icy-Huckleberry-3653 what is the meaning of rays cross and circle tattoo or what kind of cross is it?

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2021.10.16 06:46 kelliecrystalbelle I no need a ring 💍🤣

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2021.10.16 06:46 Ganabul The Noob Report: Dispatches from Low Mars

I've been playing for just under a month, and thought a few of you might be interested to know what it's like for a noob, these days. For context, everything I know about CCG I learned from Slay the Spire [superb single player draft deckbuilding roguelike] and a long, long ago flirtation with Lo5R. I haven't played WH40K since it was called rogue trader, although gaming, generally, I've played a few. I also have access to the underused common tactics, "Watching Youtube Videos" [special mention to SkuffD & Skypoint, whose intro and card analysis videos really helped] and "Checking out Reddit", as well as the rare structure, "Wall of Text".
My Deck
I have been playing an Alpha deck, based loosely on a few online decks [thanks, u/walk-er !]. I have no faction-specific legendaries, but have collected most of the reds, although I only use 4, including Exodus; I'm doing OK with it, but this is mostly because 2x One of Many is fantastic for climbing.
In game, it all seems solidly enjoyable. There are issues with power creep and deck inflation that are noticeable even at this level but the gameplay loop is pretty fun. I understand it borrows quite a lot in terms of mechanics from hearthstone, but I never really got away with hearthstone; here, the overall range of mechanics feels good to play. Skills do what you expect; deckbuilding [not my strongest area] offers plenty of choice; piloting, usually, rewards knowledge of your deck and good guesses about the opposition's, and generally offers decisions that feel meaningful. Overall, at this level it feels nice to play.
UI is clear, and almost everything you need to know is on the card and popout tools. I spent an embarrassingly long time thinking you couldn't target duplicitous troops with anything that wasn't frontline, and interactions still surprise me from time to time [jam removes can't attack from Mount Pharos? ... fear my HOSTILE TERRITORY] but mostly, if you're a competent gamer, everything you need is there in the UI. It's particularly impressive that, now that I have a feel for the game, I can reliably predict strategies, interactions, and probable threats simply from reading the information the game gives me about the other deck even if I've not encountered it before. Matchmaking is smooth, mostly; the deck builder is clear and about as usable as you could hope from a mobile platform. I assume the UI's gone through a few iterations, and longer-term players probably don't notice the polish, but it is there, and it is worth commending.
Card Collecting
I've bought a deck or two - the basic Alpha, and a Loken deck on sale a few weeks ago. Collecting cards these days is a struggle, because you're caught in a catch 22 - cards in most of the free/random selections come from the game's pool of accumulated history, so it's tough to get duplicates, and because it's tough to get duplicates it's slower to get gems to get the cards that are -because of the size of the game's pool of accumulated history - much less likely to turn up for you, either randomly or in the shop. I'm not much of a completionist, but I can see it's going to take a while to put together a 3rd interestingly playable faction unless I spring for another deck. The days of getting most things you want in 6 months for free are, I think, gone, unless what you want is actually quite limited.
It Was All Yellow
Connected to the card issue is the problem of the yellow. At 2000+, the majority of decks I encounter play [never mind include] at least one faction-specific legendary. Most play multiples, and many play neutral yellows and strong rares, and having someone turn a winnable game into a loss through troop summoning -> broken* yellow troop + command bridge --> broken* yellow tactic synergy is frustrating. Yes, if you're hanging at 2000 [and I started seeing it at 1500] with that, you're probably entirely reliant on pulling that combo to win, but it's still irritating. As noted above, given the cycle time and the slowness of gem gathering, this is not a problem I am likely to fix any time soon; deck inflation is absolutely something new players have to cope with.
It also means Primarchs & 40 health warlords are much more common at this level than I think they were "supposed" to be; my battlelog suggests around a third of my ranked matches are against Primarchs. I haven't played much Loken, often recommended for beginners, but when I do he really struggles against 40 health. Like the yellow issue, it's a bit off-putting for new players, and if you want to climb you have to have a warlord who can cope with it.
Special mention goes to the 2500 players lurking in Practice. I guess your rating degrades over time to the bottom of the planet you're on, but won't drop any further, so you get to keep the better rewards without having to risk relegation? These people are absolutely the worst offenders for yellow heavy decks, and around half (literally - just checked) my practice matches are against them. Grow some stones, guys.
The "Meta"
It's clear that the meta has shifted quite a lot of the game's lifetime. I've listened to older podcasts/youtubes, and everything is much, much faster. Few on-use abilities are worth considering, and newer factions have cards that perform similar functions, but do so as relentless/resolution. Even at this level, games are mostly decided by turn 10.
For warlords, I am sure the further up you get, the narrower the range, but right now, the meta is varied - even if they generally fall into recognisable archetypes, I see a lot of different ones. The past 2-3 on sale or gem warlords do tend to feature heavily, however; seen a lot of ultramarines, just recently, and before that, waves of Cambo Diaz spam.

Thanks for reading all the way through!

*Broken here is used for effect, and means, basically, any card which is likely to eat 2-3 cards or combos to answer, even if I have an answer for it.
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2021.10.16 06:46 Vanessal403 Burn - this is where i pick up my bank trucks

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2021.10.16 06:46 Few-Database4885 🔥ExtremeShiba launch soon🔥 | 7% Shiba Rewards Based Dev!!! | True GEM 🚀 | Anti-scam | Huge potential

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2021.10.16 06:46 Chetdizzy ‘Terrorist incident’: UK MP David Amess stabbed to death

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2021.10.16 06:46 nobaconator Looking for a new podcast? Here's a gorgeous one.

Adventures with Dead Jews - Tablet Magazine -
Dara Horn has released a book called - "People Love Dead Jews" and there is an accompanying podcast, which explores really interesting events in Jewish history, like a Japanese Zionist Plan to have a Jewish State in Manchuria.
I highly recommend it.
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