Anyone else depressed?

2021.10.16 08:50 whitneypatti Anyone else depressed?

This is kid #3 and nothing feels right. We’re due in 3 weeks but I can’t imagine myself with another baby and no matter how much nesting I do I can’t make my house feel like it’s a home to take my baby back to. I felt the same when I had my first, that was 16 years ago (I was too young and not ready) but felt like the cliche excited new mom with my second. It took me over 2 years to bond with my first one because I was so depressed. I’m terrified of living like that again. Yes, I take antidepressants and get therapy etc. I can’t be alone :( I’m sorry to any other moms feeling weird out there too.
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2021.10.16 08:50 theacearrow Broke my wrist 2.5 weeks ago, had surgery 2 weeks ago. It's hard.

This subreddit seems really wholesome and lovely so here I am.
I broke my nondominant wrist (tip of my ulna, end of my radius) in a bike accident, and I'm pretty miserable. I'm a fourth year university student, so my classes are beating me into the ground, plus I can't type properly and have no energy. I'm healing well, according to the doctor, but I'm in so much pain from the incisions, and the injury itself. Any tips on helping incisions heal?
I'm frustrated because I was just getting into the swing of exercising every day by biking a few miles, and now I can't even walk the mile to class without being exhausted for the rest of the day. All of my professors are being lenient, my friends are being amazing about note taking on the days I don't make it to class, but I'm just so tired of slipping behind.
I do have really neat x-rays though. The hardware in my arm is super cool.
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2021.10.16 08:50 ObModder Otto Mueller - Negerpaar (Black Couple) (1910-11)

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2021.10.16 08:50 SharksTongue LF: Skrelp/Dragalge in dusk ball, FT: Any sword exclusives.

I’m currently hunting for a shiny skrelp using breeding. I’m a couple boxes in and I just realized it’s putting them all in quick balls. Now I’ve just spent an hour looking for skrelp to catch with a dusk ball only to also realize they’re shield exclusive.
So I was hoping so get a skrelp or Dragalge in a dusk ball. Nothing else really matters I just need my eggs to inherit the ball from it. I’m also using a ditto with it so gender doesn’t even matter.
Also sorry that I don’t have much to trade for, I don’t really have any rare or unique mons that I didn’t specifically get to keep.
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2021.10.16 08:50 SupremoZanne actress Suzanne Somers turns 75 today! She was known for her roles as Chrissy in Three's Company, and Carol in Step By Step, and many other things!

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2021.10.16 08:50 Arcnarenth [DOS][1995-2000]Top down post apocalyptic shooter with mutated or alien enemies

Platform: DOS
Genre: Top down shooter
Estimated year of release: 1995-2000
Graphics/art style: Post apocalyptic, industrial with nuclear waste
Notable characters: Player character is a soldier
Notable gameplay mechanics: Top down shooter with a variety of different weapon pickups. Environmental obstacles like air vents and toxic sludge. Levels were timed and sequential.
Other details: Details may be misremembered. First played as a demo from a PC Gamer disc. I think it was around the time The Dig was getting coverage. Enemies were either mutants or aliens and there was almost a puzzle-like element of hitting switches to unlock exit doors. It’s not Alien Breed, but visually similar.
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2021.10.16 08:50 AerikVon Apocalyptic Dogs - Every Dog Has his Day

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2021.10.16 08:50 kpalegal Repatriation Law

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2021.10.16 08:50 Pinkster74 Enjoy your ban you absolute scumbags

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2021.10.16 08:50 Active-Pomegranate56 I don't know what god I pissed off, but this week has been the worst week of my life. 18m

Yeah, I don't know what I did. But I can't seem to catch a break, would love to chat or be friends with anybody.
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2021.10.16 08:50 alaina1234567890 why am i so different

i guess i missed the memo as to why EVERYONE doesn’t give a shit about me. i have nobody. NOBODY. no friends. my dad treats me like shit and constantly reminds me how ive ruined everyone’s life and he hates me and i fuck up everything. and everytime i talk to my mom she tells me i need help. how THE FUCK does everyone else have such happy lives and have so many friends that care about them and possibly good parents. i really don’t get it. i ask so many people to hang out with me or i try to talk to people and they leave me on delivered. SO MANY PEOPLE. all my friends left me cuz they treated me like shit then when i had something to say about it they blocked me. oh one friend blocked now their friends that are also friends with me blocks me. why is it just me. what did i do. why am i so different. so many times i have been treated like shit by a friend so i spoke my mind and they turn me into the bad guy somehow and i end up apologizing. people tell me i don’t need toxic people in my life. but i just need somebody. it’s been months with absolutely nobody. it’s so depressing. i spend hours at a time scrolling thru my phone looking for someone to just talk to. and there is nobody. i just want to be treated like a normal person. i have never done anything wrong just everyone treats me like shit. “oh find better people” ummmmmm i have tried. literally text random ass people and they leave me on open or they say they can’t do anything then just hangout with other people. or they’re busy…. when we had plans. i’ve tried to talking to people. many many people. this isn’t how it should be. i literally beg people to my friend and i go out of my way trying to make friends and there’s nobody. let alone the fact i already have severe mental issues. i have tried killing myself 11 times. i’ve been in a mental hospital 8 times, residential once. it fucking sucks i constantly wanna die. my moms broke. we haven’t had food in months. i live off what i can get and that’s not much. there is so much going on in my life. now i also have to deal with everyone treating me like shit. and i don’t even know why. i seriously don’t get the point of life anymore. my friend died in july and i’m still depressed as shit over it. my hygiene is fucked. what’s the point in life cuz the only good thing i could thing of is dabs
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2021.10.16 08:50 Normal-Future Where can I buy the Doukyuusei series manga in english?

This is my first time buying manga so I am kind of a noob in this area. Any suggestions on how to get it in english? I know some parts of the series like OB and Blanc don't have official translations.
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2021.10.16 08:50 TheGenocidess When 69 assignments make you stress and you had a stroke.

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2021.10.16 08:50 Dragon_Molester Hey UVB is silent right now

So on the Livestream of UVB it's just complete static with no buzzer.
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2021.10.16 08:50 phantasmaldream How to tell your friends about a (failed tbh) attempt?

If you need me to change the title let me know.
In February of 2020, I took a lot of pills of the medication I was on because that medication was causing me to disassociate like crazy and the self harm I did that night did not bring me back to feeling better either and I was just like if I take all the medication for the days I missed I’ll feel better and I didn’t (lol) It was a lot, after I took all of them it’s like I felt my blood running and my stomach hurt and my brain felt so clear and I was truly okay if something happened to me because I felt so aware of who I was finally, so I sent out like “Hey, I love you” texts at like 2 am. Nothing really happened besides chronic illness pain flaring up, me staring at the wall for like 3 hours, stomach pain, and then this caused me to look for any reason to isolate myself for a week and self harm in my bathroom and only do school work until I could feel like I was me again. I had a wellness check from my RA lol I’ve come to think of it as a (para)suicide attempt and I only told one person. Sorry if this does not seem like a para/suicide attempt to you. Please don’t be mean ahaha. There seems to be support for people who are receiving the news but not bearing the news. I plan to tell my two best friends who were near my hometown at the time since like age 2 that this happened but I don’t even know how to tell them. I told them I need to have a serious conversation. I never got to have this conversation during Covid-19 because they were going through hard times so it never felt right and after over a year it finally broke me to the point where I felt so isolated that I truly feel like they would not be there for me if I needed help. I know people have their own lives and they don’t need to always be messaging me but I want to feel supported if that makes sense. What do I say when they be like so what do you want to talk about? “Yeah about that serious conversation , I basically tried to kill myself in February 2020 and didn’t know how to speak up about it until now lol” I don’t even know how to word it, I’m so anxious, I don’t like asking for help but to feel alone really sucks. I do have parents for support but I don’t they even understand what an identity disturbance is. I feel like telling parents is different then telling your best friends. If anybody could help me even begin how to start I would appreciate it. It’s going to be in person like Sunday or Monday.
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2021.10.16 08:50 OppositeUpbeat Finally…this was so much harder to do than I ever thought it would be…

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2021.10.16 08:50 crazybikedude How do you navigate negotiate the hookup conversation after a first date?

How do you navigate negotiate the hookup conversation after a first date?
My close percentage after taking a girl out is just fucking terrible rather than leaving it as a guess or up in the air I would like that negotiated as part of the date how do I go about bringing this up in a natural way.
Half the girls I have dated seem to only be enjoying the ritual of being wined and dined and I'm only going after sure bets from now on. No gambles.
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2021.10.16 08:50 nco1234 Do I need a new therapist?

I know this sub feels strongly against self diagnosis, but I’d love some honest opinions and advice about what to do. I think I need to find a new therapist. So I’m struggling with what I believe is BPD, and have been for years. It’s so painful living in my head and being a slave to my emotions. I feel “along for the ride” and not in control. I flip a switch so fast and have the most delusion irrational thoughts yet they feel SO real and valid in the moment. I’m so mean and hurtful to the people I love when this happens. it’s shameful and embarrassing when I’m “back to normal”. My mood swings are so intense I will want to kill myself one night and the next morning it’s “Lol that was crazy!” I shut down and cry for hours at a time if my boyfriend’s tone wasn’t quite convincing enough when he says “I love you”. I’m so codependent and was just as bad with my last boyfriend. So much so that I ended up in the psych hospital after he broke up with me. My sense or self/identity is all over the place: I have “rebranded” like 800 times and have horrible body dysmorphia to the point of getting cosmetic surgery 4 times. My current therapist makes me feel invalidated by always dismissing idea of me having bpd. It’s the most painful agonizing thing and I desperately want help. I’m SO tired of feeling crazy and never being able to trust my feelings/emotions. Am I being dramatic?? This is not normal right?! Like I started with, any and all comments are appreciated and I’d love to get some input on if this sounds familiar, and if I need to find a new therapist and get treatment.
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2021.10.16 08:50 Brownsugggaa Wish you were sucking my toes right now

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2021.10.16 08:50 carreracs Guild "MONEY" looking for playerinhos to grind rewards and prepare for GvG

Pretty much what the title says :)
The only requirement would be that you are active.
Rank does not matter that much but would prefer Emerald/Diamond+ - not a priority as long as you enjoy the game and want to play together :)
See you on the Rift!
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2021.10.16 08:50 Nearby_End_3759 28 male looking to suck a BIG DICK!! Play your cards right and I’ll let you pop my anal cherry 😘😘

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2021.10.16 08:50 Chaca_0621 H: Rare GS/E/15R Flamer + uncommon GSE Laser W: Legacy offers

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2021.10.16 08:50 Ventingaccount2003 3/4 Philosophy: Anyone else sick of writing essays about social media?

I’m currently finishing off an overdue essay for philosophy about the views of Nietzsche and Susan Wolf on the good life. You’d think that would be interesting right? So many views on the good life and morality to compare right?
Nope, yet another essay where you have to try and pretend the things said by philosophers that aren’t applicable to discussions about the incredibly boring and over discussed topic of social media whatsoever somehow are
Idk, I’ve just spent so many hours trying to pretend anything either philosopher said could be applied to this boring and overly narrow topic and trying to find a way to stretch that into an essay
Such a waste of such a potentially interesting topic of the good life
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2021.10.16 08:50 epsylonmetal Since we already have a Boujack Hera Clan LR and a Team Turles LR, which one of these three would you like to see next?

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2021.10.16 08:50 Aloolulu Which popular "pairings" (or combos) do you dislike?

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