Beginner at Concealed Carry

Situated on 127 acres with over 85 shooting stalls and reactive steel targets out to 300yds, 13 private bays, reactive steel targets, 10 Station Sporting Clays, 5 Stand Clays, Archery Range out to 80yds. Concealed Firearm Permit Applications; Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor Applications; Criminal History Records Forms; Employment/Volunteer Background Check Forms; Expungement Forms and Applications; GRAMA Request Form; Right of Access Agencies List; Private Investigator Applications; Contact Criminal Identification; News; Suicide Prevention ... The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) processes the applications and issues concealed weapon licenses. Find out if you are ELIGIBLE and how to apply for, or renew, a ND concealed weapon license and which states have RECIPROCITY.. Application Status Inquiries Concealed Firearm Permit Renewal Instructor Certification Renewal. Note: Beginning May 5, 2021 Utah Code Ann. Section 76-10-503 will not require a person to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm if they are 21 years old or older and may otherwise lawfully possess a firearm.

2021.10.16 07:40 gfroez Beginner at Concealed Carry

I was recommend to post this question here by other users.
I just got my first concealed carry firearm (Kimber Micro 9). Now, I’m looking for a holster. I heard some people saying to buy a leather holster because it will protect the finish of thr firearm better than a kydex holster. At the same time, I heard people saying that kydex holsters secure better the firearm and conceal better (IWB carrying). Although I see this gun as a tool, I would like to mitigate any rust/damanged finish problems (if possible).
-> Why did you choose the holster your chose?
-> How do you preserve the condition of your cc firearm?
-> Do you recommend any belt? Or a normal leather belt should do the job?
Thank you very much.
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2021.10.16 07:40 reeedh Girls only want one thing and it’s elk

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2021.10.16 07:40 jayf274 anyone know if porter is staying after the shows to meet fans?

during the shelter tour, i remember porter and madeon would go outside of the venues after their shows to meet fans who stayed later. i was still in high school when i saw them years ago, so i didn’t get the chance to stay out that late. was wondering if anyone knows if he’s doing something similar this tour? would love a chance to meet him
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2021.10.16 07:40 vengences boss

is there a way to increase boss chance to 100?
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2021.10.16 07:40 taintedlove244 I hate my face I wish it was acceptable to wear halloween masks out everyday

I don’t hate my face in the normal way I feel bc I think I can be handsome but… thats not me, I don’t want that to be me. I don’t like how my head connects to my body I wish I never had to ahow my face, I wish no one could tell my gender or attractiveness by my face, I don’t want people to know how I feel by my face. I just don’t feel human in a way. I wish I could hide it and feel the confidence I do when people don’ t know what I look like. Why must I have to be percieved in a way anyone can judge me by my glasses, or teeth, or hair. Just let me be a ahadow person with no need to appeal to any norm
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2021.10.16 07:40 gorgeousgoblin Obsessive Hate

The only reason I’m even a fan of Meghan was because I kept seeing all of this negative press against her. I did some digging and realized it was bull crap.
As a woc I definitely sympathize with what she went through and admired her as a person.
The hate Meghan receives is a combination of jealousy, racism, classism, and sexism & gosh is it completely vile. And I have learned that people are OBSESSED with hating her and then also Harry, as an afterthought.
But what I don’t understand is why a lot of fans of the Cambridges constantly invade spaces dedicated to H&M. I don’t care for W&K but I don’t lurk in their spaces because I simply cannot be bothered.
But these Meghan haters my lord they stalk her constantly, obsessed with everything she does & making up insane conspiracies theories & even going as far to defend Prince Andrew.
It’s nauseating.
That’s how I know they’re legit crazy people because what normal person does that.
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2021.10.16 07:40 Boring_Performance40 I’m in love with best friend. I think he might feel the same

I don’t know how much longer I can go on not telling him. I feel my best friend and I have grown a lot closer in the last 2 years. We’re both juniors in college and last year, after class and even after group hangouts with our friends, we’d always go to my room later. It was nice. We’d play chess, smoke a joint, watch videos, laugh like hell, sit and listen to music. I remember on some of those nights having a small thought of seeing him differently. There were more than a few times, where we’d lay down on my bed together, gazing silently and I think both contently through my window, and I felt myself wanting to be closer. To maybe even hold him.
I recall feeling more capable to put it off back then. I thought thinking about my possible attraction to my best friend as stupid and more than likely some intrusive thought I’d just move pass. But it wasn’t. I saw that over many months of being together, we had built something together I don’t think either of us had expected.
I think I am in love with him and I believe I’ve known it many months now. If he loves me back, I’m not even sure how I’d exactly react. But I care about him deeply as a friend, too and I greatly fear his losing trust much more than I do the possible rejection.
Our nights, more often now than before, reach this point of silence, where indeed I can sense there’s a lot to be said on both sides, but no one seems able. It makes me feel cowardly, dishonest. I want to avoid mind reading him, but I can’t deny that there have been many times, many moments where we seemed merely a second from kissing. I’m saying I feel this both ways, but I don’t know.
I also won’t deny there have been nights, passing moments where I’ve felt ignored. He has a girlfriend. He’s an attractive man and indeed he knows it. Sometimes, just knowing him, I feel he very much enjoys attention. I know I get jealous. I try not to.
We joke too much about being gay. I feel he might be a little more sensitive to that possibility than I am. He’s not homophobic, but he is traditional and always seems go back to thinking of his life in that way that idealizes being with a pretty girl. And he’s made many jokes that have seemed more curious than others, but we don’t have time for me to go over all the slight evidence of his love. I hate looking at it that way. I’d much rather tell him and hear what he has to say.
I know he is with someone else and I don’t wish to hurt her either. I feel at the other end of this is inevitably a rejection, but I think I must be true if I’m going to have any chance of moving on or knowing anything at all. Is it worth the risk is what Im asking? What would I even say? That I’ve wanted to kiss him before? Or do say I the full truth? When we’re with each other during day, I often catch myself on the brink of saying it. Sometimes it’s just a joke, other times even more mundane do I find another reason to love him. For some reason, I can’t help it at the moment. Maybe it’s cause I’m scared.
I love him and indeed I’m in love with him and of course I wonder if he feels the same. Should I go through with talking to him about this?
TLDR: in love with my best friend. He has a girlfriend and we often joke about being gay, but I feel he might feel the same. Asking for thoughts on telling him?
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2021.10.16 07:40 MissionWrangler7419 Anything thats new we just copy it pls stop that

Anything thats new we just copy it pls stop that
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2021.10.16 07:40 ika_ngyes WW3 Scenario or something Day 0: Fixed Sides, is there anything i missed?

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2021.10.16 07:40 vorinclexforpresiden I had a rather chaotic game.

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2021.10.16 07:40 j_p_ford Launching a new sub idea, Am I the A**h**** except in character as a**h**** cats seeking validation

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2021.10.16 07:40 throwthisishaway2021 How tall do I look? [29f]

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2021.10.16 07:40 WhiskeyPug Alts

Will there be any points to alts in the future? Other than to level squad rank or to use a more desirable class for daily mission, I can’t find any reason to gear up an alt. It takes so much resources to maintain your main it doesn’t appear an alt would even be feasible. However if they come through on gear transfers, it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that alts will be used down the road. Any ideas?
I have a 6* box I won’t need for my main and just probing for ideas if it will be valuable down the road.
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2021.10.16 07:40 wolfboyblue24 This hears attire at the haunt.

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2021.10.16 07:40 nmiller1776 Thoughts on map fairness for a 3 player game tomorrow with a new player?

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2021.10.16 07:40 Arckhunter of the Day: "With renunciation life begins." - Amelia Barr Arckhunter

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2021.10.16 07:40 NearbyGiant 20yr Animator I want more pc friends. I'm currently into New World. But love league,apex and a bunch other stuff dm me :)

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2021.10.16 07:40 Mammoth-Car5675 Has anyone else ever gotten half pay on a ghost order?

I was on my way home after ending my dash almost 30 minutes prior, and I got a notification that said "unfortunately nikolas's order for rib crib has been cancelled and you will receive half pay for this order." Sure enough $3 reimbursement in my account... I don't know what happened but I'm curious if it has happened to anyone else.
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2021.10.16 07:40 Arckhunter Moona Lisa #space #nasa Arckhunter

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2021.10.16 07:40 ParlorThe Questions for frugal people who cannot physically stand up by themselves (ex: crutches, wheelchair, etc)

  1. What are the most common situations where you must pay for things that a person who can walk doesn't have to pay?
  2. What lessons have you learned for saving more on these things?
  3. What did you think would save money at first but actually didn't or wasn't worth it?
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2021.10.16 07:40 nolanhp1 Shelton Department of Corrections officer arrested for allegedly planning shooting

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2021.10.16 07:40 WorldController Lol

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2021.10.16 07:40 krispykremeo a love letter you for 💌

hello there fellow stranger! i am ur fellow favourite stranger here :D
i am here to give u a love letter! this love letter would contain LOTS of encouragement, motivation and love!
so u want one? all u have to do is hit me up!
p/s: looking forward to chill with u
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2021.10.16 07:40 _rinho What small items should I ask someone to bring me from Canada?

I'm looking for a list of goods that are comparatively expensive or impossible to find here.
Gummy vitamins, Swiffer sheets and chilli sauces are some things I've thought of so far.
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2021.10.16 07:40 CaroleBell [Hiring] Apply Now: Gold Dust West Reno - Cashier/Host in Lockwood

Apply here
We are hiring, Apply Now: Gold Dust West Reno - CashieHost inNevada, Lockwood for Jacobs Entertainment, Inc.
Apply here
Click on the above link to know more details about the job, such as schedule, benefits, and salary range.
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