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In dire need of help

There was always beer and pizza waiting in the meeting room on Friday night. It was a tradition Glenn Parker learned in Kansas City. The Giants’ rookie offensive linemen would load up an ice ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. conjuguer dire? Sur cette page retrouvez toute la conjugaison de dire. Avec la Conjugaison du Monde.fr, le verbe dire n'aura plus de secrets pour vous. Indicatif, conditionnel ou subjonctif, apprenez à conjuguer le verbe dire avec la Conjugaison du Monde.fr. Toutes les déclinaisons de la conjugaison du verbe dire sont sur Le Monde.fr. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. DIRe ... Cargando... Jouer en toute sécurité sur la plateforme digitale de prise de paris de la LONACI et récupérez vos gains sur tous les canaux de moyens paiement digitaux. Griffin said the Fargo system has hired 150 travel or contract nurses from other areas and has offered increased wages, sign-on bonuses and other unspecified perks to attract more workers. He said it’s the most dire staffing situation the system has faced in an area that has long had a nursing shortage and has already seen one COVID-19 surge. ArcGIS Web Application We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.16 08:53 cubefreak777 In dire need of help

Can some kind soul please give me a free unlock? I'd be grateful.
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2021.10.16 08:53 Ichi_KingGhidorah don’t let them silence you

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2021.10.16 08:53 unthrowawayy Is there an end to this grind

Almost level 25 in this game and wondering if there is much more to this. Only game mode I enjoy in MMOs is large scale organized PvP so Territory wars but it sounds like I need to grind to 50-60 then grind for armor, weapons, buffs, etc before I can even play.
I can commit maybe 1-5 hrs max per week because of job, hobbies, real life, relationships... Anyone else think that leveling in this game is a chore? I get on for an hr and I only get half a lvl? all I do is run around and kill shit for 1min and run back...
Looks like I can finally enjoy some territory wars by this time next year lmao.
What do I do? I really want to play some organized PvP but it doesn't look like this is the game for me :/
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2021.10.16 08:53 Barebones21_ The only thing clan leader cares about

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2021.10.16 08:53 nokiaSmartFridge69 IWFTR what's her name?

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2021.10.16 08:53 Amogus_mortus Uh, what is that?

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2021.10.16 08:53 Haunting_Yogurt_4013 [PC][1990s-2000s]Medieval RPG Game

Hi guys I remember when I was a kid I was playing this medieval game where I was a wanderer travelling around.
The game was RPG and looked alot like Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
I remember there were gibbets and a few hanged criminals(?) swaying in the wind, as I wandered around.
The setting of the game was optimistic and not dark in tone like Diablo.
Can anybody help? Not sure how many games in that era have a few hanging persons swaying in the wind. Definitely RPG and not first person.
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2021.10.16 08:53 Shaunip1 Animal poo identification?

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2021.10.16 08:53 MovieBuff0603 They should have kept all of that in 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2021.10.16 08:53 timeturner88 Rumplestiltskin hoedown

I was watching Whose Line Is It Anyway and thought of this OUAT hoedown.
Most other Oncers are in love with Captain Hook, But the handsome pirate’s only second in my book. There’s another man to whom my heart is sold - The hottest guy in Storybrooke is clearly Mr. Gold!
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2021.10.16 08:53 kevint29 De wappies beginnen technologische hoogstandjes zoals element inspecteren te benutten, maar dan wel weer met een onjuiste spatie.

De wappies beginnen technologische hoogstandjes zoals element inspecteren te benutten, maar dan wel weer met een onjuiste spatie. submitted by kevint29 to tokkiefeesboek [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:53 chanagrc 101621 INTAK on Twitter

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2021.10.16 08:53 Kit_Kup Thoughts on Saint Change

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2021.10.16 08:53 69russianbot420 JesusWeen? Uhhh

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2021.10.16 08:53 decadentrebel Ka Leody on "his" senatorial slate

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2021.10.16 08:53 ObsoleteGentile THIS is DeFi

In the 90s, I worked with a guy who had a plan for everything. This was before electronic credit checks were rapid, efficient, and thorough.
He applied for credit cards almost daily. He would lie about his income and submit other false information, and sure enough, there were always a few apps that went through, and companies would send him cards with high credit limits, low-interest cash withdrawals, and balance transfers. He would leverage high-limit accounts with one bank to get approved by others.
He would then just buy whatever he wanted, and when the payments got out of hand he would transfer the balance to a new card, or usually partial transfers to multiple cards, in a growing ponzi-like web of ballooning credit.
I don’t know how he managed it, but for most of the three years we worked together, he didn’t suffer any consequences, and always had buying power. At one time he claimed he had a combined credit limit of over $300K. He actually bought a new car with an AMEX card, but mostly it was just clothes, food, beer, and fancy-ass mountain bikes. At the time, we were both graduate students, and were paid with stipends of something under $10K per semester.
Eventually it started to close in, and I could see him getting stressed, spending more and more time applying for new cards and trying to find new places to move larger and larger amounts of debt. Finally he ran out of creditors and ended up filing for bankruptcy. He kept his car. As we were both graduating, he managed to marry a woman from a very wealthy family, and to my knowledge (we lost touch around ten or so years ago) he’s been set up nicely since then.
Whenever I read about DeFi projects, I think of this guy. I figure there’s a reasonable chance he’s running a few of them.
Me? I buy mostly bitcoin and litecoin, and my TVL just keeps going up.
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2021.10.16 08:53 reddit-1821 help quick permadeath

id like a confident permadeath player to help me fast pace it (ps4)..give me the starting materials and get me into space; past awakening then I can jump space stations meet a traveler and 12 sun it from there
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2021.10.16 08:53 deadha3 My pets!

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2021.10.16 08:53 InternetProfound Defund the Police - Bill finally admits that Democratic politicians didn't support it, but still fails to realize that it became a thing because of HBO.

Defund the Police - Bill finally admits that Democratic politicians didn't support it, but still fails to realize that it became a thing because of HBO. June 7th, 2020 - John Oliver devotes a 30 minute segment to defund the police. Cut into tons of clips and shared tens of millions of times all over social media.
June 8th, 2020 - John Oliver goes on Jimmy Fallon to argue the point further

Now I know that HBO is a loose federation of independent shows, but it made my head explode to hear Bill bitch about the Democrats and their ridiculous defund the police slogan every fucking week when the match was lit by his own network. Like maybe a company email would have been better?
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2021.10.16 08:53 FuzzyUno UFOs/UAPs vehicles or tools?

I’ve been quiet in this community for a bit. I’ve been taking in a lot of the UFOs/UAPs news. I started to think about these phenomenons again due to what’s been transpiring as of late. What are the chances that what we’re seeing in these UFOs/UAPs is the past coming back at a futuristic date & time and what if some of the more phenomenon things are from an advanced civilization light years away?
Let me explain, so I find myself asking, why haven’t these things try to make contact with humans yet. Why aren’t they really trying to make their presence known? I think we can all be at an agreement that if these things wanted to shake things up here on planet earth they could at any point, but they choose not too. They kinda play coy with us here on earth and our government. They’re constantly keeping us guessing and just continue to watch us from a distance.
What are the chances these are just drones/tools returning from our past back to earth because they were programmed to leave and return at a future date due to a past cataclysmic event here on earth? The people before us that program these things are gone and the UFOs are just as confused. They’re flying around trying to get back where they came from but earth is looking much different now. Do you think that it explains some of the odd locations they’re flying around above our oceans? It just doesn’t make sense that they haven’t done anything drastic yet. Yes they jammed radars, flew away at insane speeds, and vanished without a trace. They hardy interact with us, they’re not trying to figure out what we are and how we got planes. They just fly away or vanish. What if, these UFOs were just using their defensive programming to not get caught? I think these things are ancient tools/vehicles from a past time here on earth, when earth was booming with ancient civilized people. They’re too curious to be here and to coy to interact with us.
I came to the conclusion that these might be from earth because, us humans, in our history timeline of UFOs we always talked about seeing the oval/circular shaped UFOs and the cigar shape UFOs. I feel like those shapes are very much easy go-to shapes. When we’re kids we learn about circles, squares, and triangles. Easiest shapes to the hardest shape. They’re all very common shapes. We learn through sports that circle/oval shaped balls are easiest to play with because they’re aerodynamic and flow through the wind pretty well. Also, us humans are more inclined to draw circles & squares before any other shapes. With that being said, that’s where I get the idea that these oval shaped, circle shaped, and the tic tac shaped UFOs are just vehicles/tools that were made from here. It’s Ancient technology with easy shape design programmed to help us achieve new heights in our human timeline. But we lost the art of this technology due to a past cataclysmic event.
Now, the shape shifting ones and the newer shapes such as the rubber ducked shaped UFOs, the acorn looking ufo, the floating triangles, and the metallic blimp looking UFOs that are coming into play as of late, I think those have be coming from somewhere else in the galaxy. Those shapes are just “thinking outside the box” shapes. They’re def not human first thinking. It seems more advanced it’s more complexed. We know how to make square homes and keep them standing but we don’t know how to make square shaped planes that can fly.
Overall, I feel like it’s the past that’s meeting the future when it comes to these UFOs/UAPs. And we’re on a human journey of figuring out a giant missing piece of history or figuring out the next step to our future. Either way it’s exciting, I hope we get the answers in our lifetimes. And if all this ufo/uap stuff turns into the angel and demons theory, that would be a sight to see. Anyways let me know your thoughts. My ideas probably sound stupid but at this point nothing should be ruled out when it comes to UFOs/UAPs.
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2021.10.16 08:53 -en- @AP: Netflix says it has fired an employee for disclosing confidential financial information about the Dave Chappelle comedy special “The Closer,” which some have condemned as being transphobic. https://t.co/AJFsu1aZ8m

@AP: Netflix says it has fired an employee for disclosing confidential financial information about the Dave Chappelle comedy special “The Closer,” which some have condemned as being transphobic. https://t.co/AJFsu1aZ8m submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 08:53 Prodshadow Looking for a fake vendor to chat with requirements are less then 5 karma go ahead and scam me

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2021.10.16 08:53 ohnpilikeu I AM LOOKING for neon rhino and 2 neon crocodiles and 2 regular crocodile

-2 rhinos
-2 kangaroos
-ride potion
-2 t rexs
-golden rat
-metal ox
-3 dodos
-1 shark
-5 octopuses
-5 snow owls
-neon dolphin
-2 golden lady bug
-1 turtle
-neon elephant
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2021.10.16 08:53 bigboibogai a shirt I made for a project

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2021.10.16 08:53 Kekiswag Giratina first ten! 4394 2062 3104

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