Doggy style with Gina Savage and cum shot all in her 4ss...

2021.10.16 07:25 Noalesserdoge7i Doggy style with Gina Savage and cum shot all in her 4ss...

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2021.10.16 07:25 kmccalao High school student died and mean bullies cry saying that it was their best friend.

So my friend and I both remember a movie about high school students. One of them dies and I don’t think they had many friends. The bullies of the school responded by crying and saying how sad they were that this person died. This was before Dear Evan Hansen.
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2021.10.16 07:25 Hoodthor Guys that have been sexually assaulted or raped, what happened and did anyone believe your story?

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2021.10.16 07:25 KingCommit Somewhere In The Bronx

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2021.10.16 07:25 TheMostObviousName My code: 3JKKMN ...hope y'all use it😅

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2021.10.16 07:25 SlaughterMelon35 AI Generated Keyword Art of: "Shai Dort Giddey Poku Bazely"

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2021.10.16 07:25 Throwrahiv I [26F] feel like lying about my HIV status and possibly my race because I keep getting rejected

I was born with HIV. I've taken medicine since forever and I am undetectable. I am also African American but very fair. I have never had a boyfriend but it's not for the lack of trying. I'm upfront about my status and it turns most men off. The few that aren't end up ghosting me anyway after I tell them I'm black. One guy did stick around for little but broke things off because he admitted that just kissing me made him feel anxious.
It really sucks because I have everything else together. I have my own place, a career, in good physical shape, no extreme emotional baggage or hangups, etc. I get that people are still weary about HIV and everyone has a preference, but it feels like no one will ever want me. Unless I lie about it. I know it's wrong but it's tempting.
And yeah, I've tried looking for other HIV+ people. But the guys I know are partnered, gay, drug users, or otherwise incapable.
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2021.10.16 07:25 unwieldlyunicorn Did your diagnosis have a domino effect in your family?

For example, someone’s mother got diagnosed, so their kids get genetically tested, etc
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2021.10.16 07:25 jstnsgll Dorm Recommendations

Hi! Anyone who can recommend dorm/rooms/female bedspace along taft? Yung affordable lang sana (3k-6k budget)
Thanks agad sa magssuggest
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2021.10.16 07:25 Privacy_74 Kenya's Uhuru Kenyatta Is The First African Head Of State To Visit Biden...

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2021.10.16 07:25 Mobile-Building8971 Do I Buy BNB or BNB Smart Chain?

I cant buy BNB on Meta Mask to swap for Arch, but I can buy BNB and swap for Arch on Trust Wallet using Uniswap
Smart Chain is not on Metamask and I can't swap Smart Chain on uniswap on TW
My only option is BNB thru TW road, but on the Arch website it said TW is not recommended
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2021.10.16 07:25 Idonotidentifdasgorb R.I.P (?) toolbox idfk-2021 you were a useless piece of- /j but you willn’t be missed

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2021.10.16 07:25 sense1ess_Apprentice do you like Nirvana?

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2021.10.16 07:25 diewhynot questions regarding excess skin removal surgery for those who've lost a lot of weight (150/200+ lbs).

after being morbidly obese my entire life, i decided to finally do something about it now, in my early-30's. when i started my weight-loss journey in mid-august, i weighed in at around 475lbs. thanks to intermittent fasting (usually 18:6 or 19:5), picking up an intense sport/workout regimen (usually five times a week, usually 1-1.5 hour sessions), and a strong/relentless mindset this time around (i've tried and failed before, but wasn't super serious), i've achieved almost exactly 50lbs loss in just about two months. honestly, it seems excessive even to me, and i've worried about what negative repercussions such quick loss might have (primarily pertaining to the gallbladder), but i'm feeling good overall. my energy isn't entirely the same as it used to be if i'm honest, but i'm sure i can dial that in over time by figuring out which foods give me more of a boost. the only thing is that i'm sore most all the time from my workouts, but not so much so that it makes me want to quit.
anyways, i'm still very far away from my goal weight (around 220- i'm 6'3"), but i really can't help but wonder about the excess skin removal surgery which i know i will inevitably have to go through. so i'm hoping those of you who've had it done could chime in and answer some questions- or don't; you can just share your general experience.
-how did you know when it was time for the surgery? hard to gauge how much (in pounds) loose skin you're carrying, so do you go until you hit your goal weight and then remove the skin additionally, or do you aim for a much higher number, roughly estimating how much loose skin you'll be left with? this is the part that's most perplexing about it to me. if my goal is 220lbs, at which point do i stop actively trying to shed weight?
-is it done as one big surgery on your entire body all at once, or is it broken up (abdomen, arms, thighs, etc.)?
-how long is the recovery time, and what side-effects are there while you're recovering? i.e. (sorry to be gross), are you unable to wipe yourself, are you completely bed-ridden, etc.
-bit of an awkward/super personal question, but what do they do with that big pad of fat around/above your private parts, and is function or genitalia in any way negatively affected?
-physically, is it a night-and-day difference immediately post-surgery regarding how light you feel on your feet? or is it kind of like with the weight-loss journey, where the differences are more subtle since they occur relatively slowly over time? though i'm sure 50, 100, whatever, pounds of skin make for a big difference if they take it all off at once.
-mentally, how did you feel after the procedure, both immediately after (hours, days, weeks) and longer term (months, years)? interested to know how it affected you psychologically (improved self-image, cured depression/anxiety, etc.).
apologies for the long post, i'm just genuinely extremely curious to hear from people who've been through this. as for myself, i know there's still a long journey ahead of me before this is in consideration, and i know that the surgery won't be any walk in the park, but i know it's a relatively minor setback on the path to leading a better, healthier, more fulfilling life, so i am sticking to it no matter what.
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2021.10.16 07:25 naveedflix Pop dream/synth pop/neo psychedelic/Indie/rock/electro pop

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2021.10.16 07:25 TN_Egyptologist Stela of Samontuweser

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2021.10.16 07:25 draugyr What’s something you’d retcon if you could?

I would undo two bad stories by retconning Rogue and Nightcrawler into blood siblings, restoring Claremont’s original intention of Mystique and Destiny having children, and making the Draco non-existent
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2021.10.16 07:25 swimmingmunky Looking for tips to induce intentional disassociation episodes to help my shit go by.

I find myself sometimes able to think and feel mid-way through my shift and I have a hard time getting back to disassociating. What do you do when this happens?
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2021.10.16 07:25 zucduc I perked in seventh grade

Back then I had a good amount of friends, looked my best, and was a part of a school sport. Now I’m just average with like 3 friends and nothing to do after school
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2021.10.16 07:25 HistoricalCrab8 Thoughts? Keep it how it is? I regret not staring Fournette is he a must start now? Back to back 20+ games

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2021.10.16 07:25 Quiet_Common_9182 online dating for the first time in the US.

hi all! i (27f, brazilian) just moved to the us for grad school and i've been trying to navigate dating in a different country.
i've been on two dates so far with guys from hinge and i have a few questions.

i went for dinner with a nice guy yesterday and he hasn't texted yet. i'm trying not to take it personally, but since i don't know what's common or not here, i end up feeling confused.
wishing you all good lucky on navigating dating! :)
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2021.10.16 07:25 pythonapster [Costco Wholesale] Casio CT-S190 61-key Portable Keyboard Bundle - $125 [Deal Price: $125.00]

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2021.10.16 07:25 legalfever69420 I am new to this sub and am looking for someone to point me in the right direction.

I am interested in tinkering and learning about small engines. What is a good first project to do?
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2021.10.16 07:25 duckwall [USA-GA] [H] Paypal [W] BNIB CPU cooler or AIO

Looking for a new, possibly lightly used AIO or CPU cooler such as a Fuma 2, 212 etc, and be able to fit in a Meshify C and be compatible with a 5600x.
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2021.10.16 07:25 Embarrassed-Hand-100 Golden Apron - A scam??

Hey guys, nowadays in job we don't get a chance to use free golden apron n number of times.. i guess only 1-2 times in a day. What is the exact criteria for free golden apron? Why this provision of unlimited GA reduced to 1-2?? Do developers are totally against players? I read somewhere its due to inflation in avacoins. But what a stupid statement! Avacoins are not even real!!!!!
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