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"I can resist everything except temptation".
That is a relatively well known quote by the great Oscar Wilde. Quite the cheeky smartass if I should say so myself. I personally love that quote for two reasons.
Of course there is the absurd contradicting nature of the statement, but there is something else that draws me to it. It is the idea of temptation itself. The idea that even with our conscious mind, which prides itself on it's own ability to evolve and evaluate the information we're given, as so to encourage us towards self sustaining actions, we still are subconsciously lured away from our shell of civility, virtue, and intellectualism by our baser instincts. I find this concept very stimulating.
What is my temptation? I am glad you asked, even though, technically, not a word has been uttered. I am certain that you'll find my weakness rather ridiculous. To the world outside, I am what is known as a weeaboo degenerate. Nihon no oppai ni furetai. That, of course, is not my official title, so I'd be satisfied with simply being referred to as Sylvester.
Now that the basic pleasantries of introduction are out of the way, I feel I must stress the elephant in the room. The reason I have these nasty terms such as weeaboo degenerate, weeb king, future pedo, current pedo, and virgin fatass lobbed at my character is for one reason alone. It is because I love anime, as well as manga. Even though I enjoy some of the more wholesome material, I am particularly a fan of hentai. I am a man of culture afterall.
For me, it all began when I was but a young lad. The first experience I had with anime, as was the case for a whole plethora of people my age, was with the show Pokemon. Indeed, I enjoyed the action, as well as the adorable animation style, but what I found particularly enjoyable to watch was Misty. Sure, Ash and Brock were certainly a jolly bunch, but I felt something deep inside me every time that I watched Misty throw Staryu in her tight short shorts. It was from that day on that I realized I had a burning desire for anime women. Super kawaii!
As I grew older, I ventured off down many avenues of the anime world. The older I got, the more I seemed to be inclined to seek out erotic subject matter. Gone were the days of Misty's shorts or Bulma's underwear. I simply needed something more nourishing for my aggressively sexual palette. That's when I really dove head first into ecchi. It is a style of anime not exactly known for being virtuous, but tame by my current standards. I did enjoy shows such as High School DxD, I still have my Akeno waifu pillow afterall, but even that becomes lost in the vast ocean of forgotten time, due to a growing need for progression, as well as desensitization.
The next step of my "degenerate" expedition was through Hentai. I fell in love instantaneously. As with all things relating to love though, over the years it becomes tested and starts to gradually wither away, like a tree detached from its roots. A show like Itadaki Seieki turned into a show like Euphoria. Still I was hungry and had to seek out further sustenance. I turned toward exponentially more violent material with the Ero Guro genre. Even still, I needed more. I began to become infuriated with the anime world, and then I realized I was really infuriated with the real world. Why couldn't the girls be super kawaii in the real world? I would not have become engrossed with this reality of my own creation if these real girls were as adorable as the fictional ones. Unfortunately, this fictional reality will never satisfy. Then, I figured, why not bring my creation into the real world. Logically, it made sense as the next step towards true sexual liberation. It is for this reason I will be journaling my experiments with the bending of reality with hentai. Though I cannot stop you, I'd appreciate as little judgement towards my devotion to the world of hentai. After all, I am the lord of hentai and a lord of hentai I am.
Experiment #1:
"A man who is doing his true will has the inertia of the universe to assist him".
That is a quote from the infamous Aleister Crowley. You know, he was once hailed by many as the wickedest man in the world. Similar to him, I am certain I will be labeled a degenerate, a villainess creature, and have my name cursed by every living thing that crawls along the Earth. However, similar to him as well, I believe I shall be an inspiration after my demise. Instead of Crowley, who inspired a whole religious sect, many shady ritualistic practices done amongst the ruling elite, and for being an influence on Anton Lavey, I will inspire every man who has watched a hentai and thought, "I wish real girls didn't suck" and "I think I'd be more attractive animated", to follow in my footsteps. "Do what thou wilt" I believe the old adage goes.
While I was consuming a bowl of cookie crisp, I decided to flip on the television and mindlessly indulge myself for a couple minutes. Naturally, I turned to the news, merely out of curiosity for what these harbingers of despair were going to say. The local news was where I was most keen on tuning into. The anchor lady, Tiffany Gundersnatch, who I find very attractive and would love to see in a cute maid outfit, was talking about three girls who had recently disappeared. After I laughed at the pseudo-concerned delivery of Tiffany, the kind of delivery you would expect of a sociopath whose job it is to lie and exploit the tragedies of others, I switched off the TV. Slowly, I got up and put my box of cookie crisp back into the cupboard. My belly was full of sugary chocolate delights and now I was finally ready for my morning to begin.
The basement lights always take twenty-five seconds to turn on completely. During that time there is an excessive amount of flickering, as if to make my work seem creepier than it actually is. When at last the room was fully illuminated, you could see one of the missing girls was trapped in a cage in the middle of the room. In case you had no clue who kidnapped those girls by now, I will cure you of the cluelessness that inevitably comes with being a retard and inform you that it was me. This lovely young lady was nineteen years of age. I had dressed her up in a short Japanese school girl outfit, and I had dyed her hair pink as well. Since she appeared to be awake and...shall we say displeased with her current situation, I decided it was an ideal time to start the festivities.
"Welcome, Rebecca. I see you've made yourself at home".
I thought a little tongue-in-cheek humor would lighten the mood, yet it did not so much as elicit a chuckle. Instead, I was blasted with vulgarity by my pink haired beauty.
"Where the fuck am I you fucking, fuck bitch?!"
Even though I was taken aback by Rebecca's abrasive and articulate speech, which held little regard for my feelings, I concluded I had to be the bigger man and proceed with the introduction.
"That is not the character I assigned to you, you heartless dingbat! You are killing the mood, as well as my erection. Now, as you may have guessed already, you are currently trapped in a cage. This cage is attached to five car batteries. If you do not find a way out of the cage and win my heart by the end of a five minute timer, I am afraid you will be roasted like a Christmas goose".
I licked my lips at the thought of a delicious Christmas goose. Perhaps, with a side of mashed potatoes to accompany the dish.
"What? Win your heart, bitch?! You're not making any sense! Why are you trolling me so hard?!", she cried, tears rolling down her delicate face.
"Trolling you? I am here to give you the chance to live the life you've always wanted. I've seen your Instagram posts. You whine about being dissatisfied with the relationships in your life on a daily basis. Not to mention that TikTok you made the other day. The one where you clapped dem cheeks while listing off things you were searching for in a guy. You long for a man who is creative. I put you in a creatively designed death trap, didn't I?".
"It's actually not that creative. Kinda been done before. Sorry, not sorry." She rolled her eyes.
"You wanted a man that can cook".
"Pizza rolls and Game Fuel are not cooking!".
"A man with a place of his own?".
"I'd prefer a house without caged girls in the basement".
"Someone who is not overly flirtatious with your big breasted friends?".
"You'd probably just kidnap them".
"A big weiner? I am certain that mine is large to someone out there".
"Yeah, they're called midgets, bitch!".
I knew I was in the right, so I carried on with trying to explain the rest of the situation to this ungrateful girl.
"Fine, but you said that you desire a man who would make you feel special, and devote time and energy into making you feel as though you are loved. That is exactly what I have done. I have devoted a whole day to focusing solely on you. However, you will have to earn my love too. That is why the anime archetype I am bestowing upon you is the yandere."
"Do I even want to know what that means?", she asked while, surprisingly, not calling me a bitch, but flipping me off instead.
"Of course, my silly girl. A yandere is the type of character who obsessively dotes over the main protagonist, while becoming violently jealous over the slightest hint of another girl conversing with him. In other words, she is loving to a fault. Today, you are going to prove your love for me by breaking out of that cage. The cage symbolizes your own jealousy and reactionary tendencies that keep you from winning me over in the end. These flaws would deter me, the MC, from falling in love with you for two reasons. The first reason is you keep yourself locked away from others, due to you pushing them away emotionally and physically by your obsession with me. The second reason is because your obsession is detrimental to my health, due to your smothering instinct. You often end up accidentally hurting the MC. I personally love these traits of the yandere, it's what makes them so endearing. That being said, I am still committed to our role playing, and I am afraid the MC is usually a buzzkill when it comes to the yandere's overbearing nature."
I strolled over to the wall, opened up a box, and pressed a little green button.
The expression on her face began to seem filled with panic again.
"What did you just press?!".
While smirking, I turned to face her trembling, caged body.
"That would be the timer, my little yandere. I know death by electrocution seems hellish, but perhaps I'll incentivise you even further".
I pulled out my beloved Akeno waifu pillow and proceeded to lay my lips on it in a wave of passion.
"Oh, Akeno! We may have escaped Rias Gremory, but I'm afraid Rebecca will find us. You know how she gets! What?! You want to suck out my dragon power again?! Well if you insist, fallen angel of my life!".
I gleefully giggled as I dropped the waifu into a more compromising position.
"Eww! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Creepy!", shrieked Rebecca, unable to erase the sight of waifu loving.
🎶Waifu lovin', had me blast.
Waifu lovin', happened so fast🎶
I sang my tune like there was no tomorrow.
Unfortunately, I was interrupted by her yelling.
"Stop singing, you bitch! It's not even possible to get out of this cage!".
"I will enlighten you with a single, but crucial hint. One of the bars is made of styrofoam that I spray painted black. Even without the styrofoam it is a bit of a tight squeeze. This is especially made even harder by your impressive figure". I started to laugh uncontrollably at the next little factoid I was about to expose to her. "Now for the kicker, as they say. The two poles surrounding the styrofoam-made imposter have been given a fresh coating of epoxy glue, which just so happens to be one of the strongest adhesive substances an average citizen such as myself can get their hands on. Short answer, you don't want this to end up in a sticky situation. However, there is one way to escape the cage without being snagged. The problem for you is it requires losing all of your clothes. That's the only way you'll escape for certain".
What I failed to realize was that she had stopped listening to my instructions, and instead had already found the styrofoam and tried to dive out of the cage fully dressed, while screaming at the top of her lungs.
"I'm stuck asshole! This creepy outfit you put on me is caught on the bars!".
I sighed, annoyed at the girl for ignoring my help. That annoyance turned into delight when I realized what this would entail.
"I guess that means you will have to cut the clothes that bind. You are quite the dirty cream puff. Free yourself of that constricting uniform and those panties! Free yourself! You will live in the literal sense, as well as eternally in the halls of my heart if you just free yourself!".
The adorable girl squirmed and struggled until she finally ripped out of her uniform, her underwear included. Rebecca at last had been rendered naked, and I must say it is a shame no one else could have been around to bask in the rays of her glistening beauty. Since I was distracted with memorizing every inch of her body, I paid no mind to the fact that her violent struggle to escape from her clothes had caused the cage to tip over.
"Biiiiiitch!", she exclaimed.
That would be the last word she ever said. The cage fell on top of her, caving in her skull and trapping her body beneath it. Similar to a pound of salt being thrown in a rotting wound, the timer decided to go off, causing the car batteries to turn on. This caused Rebecca's body to spasm and convulse underneath the cage. The silver lining to this situation is that her being deceased has definitely saved her from a great deal of discomfort, which she would, no doubt, be feeling presently.
"Oh shit! Well, I hope my next experiment will have a better chance of surviving long enough to give me the erotic experience that I am looking for. However, with this trap, and this girl, I guess I'm not shocked".
Experiment #2
"In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice".
God. The most controversial and widely disputed subject of all time. If you are familiar with Marquis De Sade, the man I just quoted, you would be aware that he had no such use for God. De Sade was a proud libertine, and believed that one's own relationship to pleasure is the closest thing to a god. Throughout his works, interwoven with stories of despicable depravity, is the constant disdain for religion and any preconception of a god, especially one of benevolence. In his case, the denial of our own inclination towards pleasure is the sincerest act of unforgivable sin. Morality, to De Sade, was identical to that of a prison. A prison even greater than the Bastille, for which Marquis De Sade spent five years locked away in. I am more agnostic than De Sade in my beliefs, so I do not completely rule out the possibility of an omniscient being. Even if I do not worship a god in the traditional sense, I do believe we all are naturally drawn to worship something. We all worship our own personal gods in order to fill, what seems like, a god shaped hole in our soul. For you, as a classic example, it might be money. Perhaps it's the validation you achieve from social media likes and positive comments. It could be the attention you obtain from buying expensive name brand clothing, a celebrity that sang a song you temporarily like, and more often than not, your political leanings. De Sade's god was sadistic sexual encounters, especially his love of sodomy, and my god is anime, mostly of the ecchi and hentai variety. These are our gods, and the people who worship these god's alongside us, our devoted congregation.
I hope the reader of this journal has had an enjoyable experience so far. If not, perhaps my next experiment will be more to your liking. Especially if you like your women a little meaner.
I flipped on the light in my basement once again. After the usual flickering, the light shone across the room, like the sun welcoming in a new day filled with possibilities. In the corner of the room, resting on top of a pillar, there sat another cage. This time there was a slide attached to the cage, leading down to the ground. Inside of the cage was the second girl. Today, my experiment's age is twenty. I had dressed her up in Japanese teen idol clothes, with the skirt being so short that it was impossible for her to move without revealing a panty shot. This time, my living, breathing waifu's hair had been dyed red. Since she appeared to already be awake, I figured now was the time to inform her of today's busy schedule.
"Welcome, Ally! You have been selected to participate in today's experiment. Are you ready?".
I paused, awaiting her response.
"What is this shit? The better question is why am I dressed in this nerd-gasm costume?!".
To the point with this one, as to be expected. Well, who am I to keep a lady waiting?
"I would chastise you about your disrespect for that arousing idol outfit, but that disrespect suits your character. The archetype you are representing today is the tsundere. This character is temperamental by nature. They are angry, initially cold towards men and, as the Trapt song goes, are headstrong. Headstrong, I'll take you on. Headstrong, I'll take on anyone. The tsundere may seem tough and unapproachable on the outside, but we know, it is because they are deeply sensitive characters".
"Great! I've been kidnapped by a fat, creepy, smelly, virgin nerd".
I must admit her words cut deep, as razor blades against fragile skin.
"I may be fat. I may be creepy. I may be smelly. I may be a virgin and I may be a nerd, but I tell you this young lady. I wear these labels like a purple heart won valiantly in battle. Years of dedication has caused me to appear this way to the shallow vipers that choose not to see. They do not have ears to hear or eyes to see. I am the Lord of Hentai, now witness my glory!".
I was filled with a righteousness that I had never felt before. It was as if my purpose had finally been internalized and I was free to take my true form, like a Charmeleon becoming a Charzard. Ally made it clear that this was all lost on her feeble mind.
"What in God's name are you talking about?! You're a fucking schizo!".
I smiled, then I turned to face her with a gleam in my eye, as if to indicate a sense of joy from my superiority over her lack of understanding.
"God, eh? Well, let me tell you something about God. God in the figurative sense, is whatever one's perception dictates. It is your desire manifesting itself into reality, bringing you to a higher state of being. Now, God in the literal sense, which I am sure you were referring to, is futile. Due to God's lack of intervention, he is one of two things. God is either non-existent, or he is indifferent towards his creation. Is God a work of optimistic fiction, or does he simply not care about you? I would wager that it is the first, but I could not definitively rule out the second. What I can tell you is that even if there is a god, nothing will come of it. You will still be forced to endure my hentai death traps, and no one, except for you and your cooperation, is going to save you".
"Holy shit! It was just an expression. I didn't ask for a philosophical debate in...". She cut herself off in disgust. "Are you seriously looking at my ass right now?!".
"Yes. It is scrumdidilyumptious!".
"You're such a fucking pervert!".
I almost had an orgasm right then and there.
"Yes! That's the spirit! The spirit of the tsundere. Finally, we can proceed with the game. I have laid out before you, a small obstacle course, which you have five minutes to complete. You will first slide down the slide which has been lubricated with gasoline. Then you will approach the robot I have constructed. This robot is...well...shall we say a bit grabby. My robot, Charlie, is going to grab your breasts and squeeze them tight. In response to the groping, you are to slap him while simultaneously calling him a pervert. Be sure to yell this at the top of your lungs."
"What if I refuse, virgin boy?".
Guessing by her tone, I'd say she thinks she has beaten me.
"You are always free to choose the outcome you want. Do not think for a moment, that I am going to separate you from your God given right to free will".
I smiled, then with a wink, pressed a button which opened the cage. Ally slid down the slide without so much as a hint of apprehension. After reaching the bottom, she turned to face me.
"I am not going to play your game and I am not going to let Charlie, the perv robot, grab my titties! Instead, I'm going to kick you in your tiny man balls!".
I could not hold in my laughter anymore. It felt as if my abdomen was on the verge of obtaining washboard abs, due to the pain in my sides, brought on by my laughing. If I had a heart attack at that moment, it would not have surprised me. Collecting myself, I calmly brought my eyes to hers.
"I am afraid that my nutsack shall remain unharmed. Didn't I tell you that you were free to do as you wish? Well, what I failed to mention is that collar I put around your neck. It is not there for the sole purpose of me having a kink for girls in collars. Though sexually stimulating, it is for a different reason. Inside the collar is a lighter. Remember, I said that the slide is lubricated with gasoline. Now that you are soaked in flammable liquid, all I have to do is press this little device in my hand, and the collar will ignite. If the collar ignites, then I am afraid you will as well. Your immolation will symbolize the fiery passion of the tsundere, and how it inevitably will lead to your downfall if you do not unveil your true feelings".
"Are you serious?", Ally said, completely overtaken by shock.
"As serious as the little bow on your pink panties".

This remark caused her to give me a disgusted look.
"Fine! Let's get this over with!".
Ally ran over to Charlie, and allowed the naughty animatronic to squeeze her glorious breasts. After a generous amount of time, the robot attempted to go in for a suck. In response to this, she thrashed the robot within an inch of its life.
"Pervert!", she screamed as she slapped its head off.
"Excellent job! I find myself aroused by this sight. That Robot was indeed a dirty pervert who needed to be punished. Now, on to our next activity. Right behind the robot, I have laid down five different pairs of panties. You are to try each pair on in one minute or be forced to defecate in a diaper. I know this is a lot to dump on you, because afterwards I am certain you will be pooped".
My puns are legendary.
"You're sick. You know that?".
The way she looked at me, while informing me of her opinion, took me off guard. The look was not of terror or sadness, but of disappointment. Disappointment in humanity itself. It was as if she was finding out, for the first time in her young life, that there was nothing to hope for in regards to human decency. Ally did not seem naive, but maybe she was more so than I initially thought.
"Selfishness is the very foundation of humanity, but that doesn't necessarily make it evil though. An animal is self centered, but do we think of it as evil? Of course not! We think of animals as creatures of instinct. They were biologically programmed with these instincts, and to deny them would be to deny the natural order. A piglet knocking over another piglet in order to reach its mother's udder is not immoral. It simply feels hunger, and is aware that the other piglet is in the way of that need being fulfilled. Not out of spite, just preservation of one's own interest. This is similar to the fact that I have a need to see you try on those panties, and your stalling is in the way of that need being fulfilled!".
My little tsundere was obedient after my speech. Speedily, she tried on pair after pair. The cheeky panties, to the hipster cut and even the purple thong. I was enjoying myself, far more than my first experiment from the other day. All of the panties had been tried on, but now she had ten seconds to return to the original pair I had given her.
"10...9...8...7...6...5…", I counted aloud.
"I'm already done, dumbass!", she retorted.
She was in fact done.
"Oh...well done then. You have avoided the dirty diaper punishment, and should be proud of your accomplishment. The next challenge I have been looking forward to all day. If you look closely in the corner opposite of you, there is a mattress laid upon the floor. Surrounding this mattress are all twenty-nine of my waifu pillows. You might recognize a couple of these comfortably cushioned babes such as Akeno, Miia from Monster Musume, Miku Nakano and even Misa Amane. They will be watching us make love".
"What?!! No, no, no, no!".
"The reason for their attendance is because I would like to have an audience", I continued.
"No, no, no, no, no, no!".
"Yes, yes, yes! We shall make love on that mattress as Miku and Akeno watch! I shall also be wearing the same diaper that you were going to be punished with! We shall both slather each other's naked body in coconut oil while we sip matcha tea and all of this shall be final or I am afraid the tsundere of this story shall go out in a blaze of glory!".
"I don't care! I won't do this! You fat, perverted fuck! I'll fucking kill you! Even if I have to smother you to death with one of your gross waifu pillows!".
Ally picked up one of my pillows and charged at me.
"Aaahhh", I screamed. "Not Kurumu from Rosario+Vampire! Please! I have ejaculated on that particular pillow countless nights, and I shall continue onward!".
"Eeewww! Fucking sick!"
This news caused her to drop the waifu, which in turn caused her to trip over herself. She fell backwards and her entire head ended up trapped in a headless Charlie's hand. The robot had mistaken it for a breast and squeezed with intense focus. The grasp of Charlie became tighter and tighter until Ally's head was nothing more than jelly and fragments of bone in his cold hands.
"Shit! That was not part of my plan, Charlie! You can count on never being used in any future hentai games. That especially goes for tomorrow's game. There is a special feeling about this one. I mean, she is going to be my favorite after all".
Experiment #3
"The behavior of a human being in sexual matters is often a prototype for the whole of his other modes of reaction in life".
I may not be as experienced in the field of psychology as Sigmund Freud, but I do believe this quote resonates in its accuracy. Personality tends to play an essential role in how we sexually operate. A man who is confident and more present with his thinking tends to have a more enjoyable encounter with sex. He also is more attentive towards his lover's needs. However, a man who is nervous and thinks less of himself tends to be more self conscious during the act, as well as having a proclivity for pre-ejaculation. Now as for me, I am prone to indulge in masturbatory sessions with anime, because I feel isolated from the world. Real life has a tendency towards cruelty and unfairness, and therefore I have a distrust of everything that differs from my fictional life. Human interaction seems to be a distant memory for me. A memory that has been buried with past trauma and the pain I felt from alienation. These animated women take me back to a time where I felt loved, when I was a child. Through these waifus I can escape from the harshness of my current situation and live the ultimate fantasy. A fantasy of how I feel the world should be. I will escape into this fantasy and reside there until the day they drag my rotting corpse into the cemetery for maggots to feast upon. So you desire to know what sexuality is to me, and how it affects my reaction to all other aspects in my life? Sexuality, and all things in relation to it, is escape.
Now let's take a gander at the next young lady's relationship to sexuality, shall we?
It was the third day of my world altering experiment. Excitedly, I switched on the basement lights to witness my creation. In the corner was yet another cage. This time, inside the cage was a girl of eighteen years. Her hair was as black as Blackbeard's beard. I had dressed her up in a tight, short maid uniform. This is clearly the sexiest of all uniforms and this fact is indisputable!
"Welcome Harper! Don't be shy and say hello!".
I stared at the girl for a moment, and then realized she was crying. It was not like the boisterous sobbing of a child, but the crying was that of a quiet and timid soul. It sounded mature and restrained, when in reality it is more probable that she was too afraid to let her true feelings show. Even to the man that kidnapped her and held her in a cage like a beast. It is for this reason I chose her for my game.
Harper turned to face me with teary eyes that seemed to indicate exhaustion. Perhaps she had been crying all night.
"I don't know what you want. If you want money, I'll find a way to get it to you. Just please... don't do this".
I jokingly gave her a pondering expression before my smile returned.
"Money can only purchase items of fleeting importance. Once the item's usefulness has run its course, it is equal to that of feces destined for the toilet. What I am looking for is an experience that lasts for a lifetime. An experience that transcends beyond myself, and that experience requires you to be a part of it".
She cleared her nose. Afterwards, she proceeded to respond.
"But why me? You didn't pick me specifically. It was a coincidence".
My grin grew even wider.
"With me, there are no coincidences. I chose you specifically because I know your character. You are my dandere! In the world of anime, this is the name given to the shy girl. This archetype is soft spoken, introverted and kind. She has a heart full of love, but she needs the confidence to proclaim that to the world. Much like my Yandere, you must free yourself of this cage, but unlike her cage, it does not represent the self made prison that comes from obsession and jealousy. For you, it represents the self made prison of insecurity. Free yourself, not just for the sake of you proving your love for me, but for proving that you have love and a deep respect for yourself. I know you have the strength".
Harper seemed confused by the warmness I was gradually adopting into my speech. Before she spoke, I remember staring into her dark blue eyes. It was almost as if I had fallen in love for a moment.
"So you think this is for me? I may not be the extrovert I wish I was, but there are better ways to help me come out of my shell."
"Sometimes it is difficult to get out of our own way. There is no shame in finding salvation through the help of others", I responded.
She let out a defeated cry for a second, and then accepted the rules of my game.
"Alright. How do I get out of here?".
"It really is a simple game. I have given you all the help I can give. All the help in the world can be beneficial in terms of motivation, but only you can free yourself of the cage that you have constructed around your mind".
The next thing that came out of this young lady's mouth took me by surprise.
"And what about your cage?".
At first I was shocked by her boldness, but then doubt proceeded to take its place. Was this whole game created in order to tighten the chains around my own cage? Have I been the one being tested this whole time? Perhaps I have been failing my tests? Is it too late to escape this cage that I was not aware of? These questions were starting to infuriate me. No! This dandere will not gain the upper hand. She is to complete the challenge and prove herself. I am the god that judges this world I have created. The world for which she just inhabits.
"I know not what you speak of, malady, but this I do know for certain. If you do not free yourself of the cage in one minute, the C4 pack I have planted below the cage will detonate. This explosive punishment represents the life shattering consequences of refusing to assert yourself in a world that requires you to do so. The choice is yours, princess. Can you survive?".
Harper looked at the bars for twenty seconds, then with a single push, broke through the cage. All the bars were replaced by the spray-painted styrofoam poles I had used earlier for Rebecca's challenge. I congratulated her with all of my heart.
"Outstanding! You see?! It never is as difficult as it seems to break out of the cage. We build our own cages and we can just as easily tear them down".
This beautiful creature was finally crying at a higher volume.
"I did what you asked. Please! Just let me go. I won't tell anybody about you, or your love of hentai", she pleaded.
I shook my head at her request.
"Why in heaven's name do you want to depart from me already? We have one last game for you to prove yourself to me as the best girl. Oh, my darling Harper. Are you ready challenge #2?".
"You'll let me go?", she asked.
"I promise, malady. I will set you free, like the beautiful butterfly I knew you were capable of becoming".
Hesitantly, she gave me a sluggish nod. Since I seemed to have her obedience, I presented to her the final part of our game.
"This challenge, I am afraid, might be a tad bit... unpleasant. Are you aware of the manga Mai Chan's Daily Life?", I queried.
"No", she said in a tone of voice that sounded broken.
"Well my dear, it is an erotic story of a maid with the gift of not only immortality, but also the ability to regenerate. Unfortunately, this gift is exploited by her employer and the sadistic patrons that occupy the hotel she is employed at. This leads to sexually humiliating and depraved acts involving torture and dismemberment. One of the first acts of depravity illustrated in Mai Chan involves a dildo with a relatively small explosive inside the head. I have constructed a similar dildo. You are going to be subjected to the artificial weiner for exactly three minutes. If you stop the act at any time, the explosive will detonate. Believe me when I say that the explosive is powerful enough to blow the lower half of your body to bloody chunks."
For the first time, she expressed anger at my demands.
"What? No fucking way?! I will never let you do that! You can't make me!".
I nodded my head while I exhibited the weapon I was concealing this whole time.
"You see this gun I personally manufactured? Inside there are pink pellets inspired by Assassination Classroom. I am painfully aware that Assassination Classroom is not a hentai, but I still enjoy the anime, and whose to say I cannot combine the two worlds together? I digress, back to the point! The pink pellets are filled with nitroglycerin. The slightest jolt will cause the nitroglycerine to detonate and engulf everything within its immediate proximity. I will discharge this weapon in your direction if you do not comply. In other words, you face the fire no matter where you turn. Yet, through this fire you will be resurrected, like the glorious phoenix. Against all odds, you will have defeated the other opponents, and shall have a place by my side, my little dandere".
"I don't need your help dealing with my insecurities. I will not touch that dildo and I will never be your dandere".
Harper looked at me with fiery scorn. It was a pleasant surprise to see her overcoming her shyness, but I desired love from this girl, not hatred.
"You will do as I request!", I yelled as I strapped on my dildo.
I charged at her screaming, "take off your pants!". Harper dodged my dildo attack by diving out of the way. With no warning I felt someone kick me in the buttocks. She had successfully gotten behind me somehow. I fell to the ground, which caused my pellet gun to fall out of my pocket onto the floor alongside me. This in turn caused it to start firing rounds off all over the room.
"Sorry!", Harper yelled while running up the stairs, out of the basement, and away from all the destruction and chaos.
Oddly enough, I sat there smiling for a moment.
"She said sorry. Like a true dandere, she said sorry. As was expected of my experiments, Harper truly was Best Girl".
You are more than likely surprised by my survival. How else do you think you're able to read this journal? My house on the other hand was destroyed by the nitroglycerine, and the C4...and the dildo. This matter is made worse due to the fact I am a fugitive constantly trying to evade the law. I cannot find a place to settle down since everyone knows what my face looks like. The news all over the country, especially my dear local news station, will not give the viewer a single solitary minute away from my mug. Thank you Tiffany Gundersnatch, you cunt! All of this will not deter me though. I will continue to experiment with my love of hentai, and I will find Harper if it's the last thing I do. This is the calling I have bestowed upon myself. My name is Sylvester, and I am the lord of hentai. Super kawaii.
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2021.10.16 08:13 diddlydarninthebarn I hate rejection, and I’m not even talking about romantic rejection.

I’m talking about perceived or actual rejection. It makes me sick and for some reason it ruins my whole day and my mood for the rest of the day. It hurts so, so much.
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2021.10.16 08:13 newlypeaceful Ancestors: Love Acceptance and Belonging in a Changing World


This is my first post here, but I'm looking for guidance. Much of my trauma and healing journey have been related to acceptance and belonging in my family. Long story short, there's been a lot of intergenerational trauma which has led to my elders being very disconnected from themselves, not accepting themselves, and thus, not accepting me. There are mental health issues everywhere (addictions, schizophrenia, narcissism, codependence, etc) and very few people have much in the way of emotional intelligence. There's also a lot of misogyny and bigotry. I'm 30F and do NOT fit the mold.

After years of trying to be "good enough" for my family, I've finally moved forward into a realm of self-acceptance and love. I'm feeling more connected to myself and the universe now. I'm also starting to learn how to have relationships and love with very flawed people while maintaining my own dignity, boundaries, and center. That said, when I hear anything about "family" or "ancestors," I still feel a lot of complex, negative, painful feelings.

During this time of year, I hear a lot of conversation around ancestral connections. I have friends that have altars or ofrendas in place seasonally or throughout the year, practice various customs, or more generally, reflect on those who have come before them and given them life. I also know many who draw spiritual/emotional empowerment from their ancestors. I know many who tell stories and cook ancestral or cultural foods. When these things come up in conversation with good friends or I'm invited to an event of this nature, I feel deep grief. I feel like there's something huge missing from my life and my connection to this world.

Now that I'm working through the trauma of my living relatives, how do I move forward toward some connection or knowing/belonging related to ancestors a little further down the line? I don't know much about them, but if they're anything like my living relatives, they'd absolutely hate the person I am today. How do you reconcile or move through that? For example, as a progressive femme, how do you move forward knowing that your ancestors probably would have been extremely sexist and therefore disgusted with who you are as a person, in the core of your being?

Any advice or recommendations will be VERY appreciated y'all. I was invited to an event later this month related to honoring ancestors, and it's brought up so much sadness and grief within me (like another layer of my intergenerational trauma is rearing its head). I welcome any advice, experiences or practices you're willing to share, podcasts, youtube videos, reading, whatever.

Thank you <3
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2021.10.16 08:13 FRZRS1 Giratina raid on me 4918 3817 2431

Join quickly only 11 minutes left
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2021.10.16 08:13 RampantGhost The Prince's Birthday (FANMADE CONT.)

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2021.10.16 08:13 ct-6350 Hey, I’m not doing so great and I’d really appreciate a chat

Dm if you want. Or don’t. Your choice. Who am I to you anyways.
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2021.10.16 08:13 SJxHunter yo the mf that made this review is hella sus😐

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2021.10.16 08:13 Diablo2Addict Soul Drainer Needed

Does anyone have?
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2021.10.16 08:13 90sbeatsandrhymes After playing Avengers on Game Pass the campaigns could save this game for me.

I didn't buy it or play it day 1. But downloaded Avengers on Game Pass and I'm enjoying all of the campaigns so far. From my understanding on day 1 there were only 1 of the 4 current campaigns that are currently available I would of been pissed paying $60 for just 1 campaign and some multiplayer which I see you guys complain a lot about on this sub. A dream scenario would be if each character had their own fleshed out campaign with unique levels and environments that suited their movement and abilities I would even pay for that kind of DLC. If you disagree downvote me in to oblivion I know I'm probably in the minority here. I would love a time travel Captain America WW2 campaign or traversing Asgard as Thor. Just swinging through Jersey city at the beginning of Kamala's campaign was a blast for me same with fighting at Tony Stark's ranch. My gripes with Campaign are CD needs more interesting enemies, levels that feel more alive and more cinematic boss fights though I still had a blast.
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2021.10.16 08:13 GlindaMccombs ShibFuel💎 Gem Alert 👀 | Video Chat Daily with Dev and Team 🔥 | Pre audited contract with antibot measures | 100bnb 💰 Hard Cap is going to fill extremely fast | If you don't have a whitelist spot you might miss out | Join the best community in the Shib family ⚡️ $SHIBFUEL

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2021.10.16 08:13 olluie Is this a violation of the NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice?

I'm at an urgent care center right now and I was just quizzed about my medical history in front of about 10 strangers, in the middle of the waiting room.
I've been struggling with health problems for a while now and I occasionally have to come to urgent care. I'm away from home right now and I'm not registered with any GP here so I had to come to urgent care instead.
I had already given my brief rundown to the receptionist on entry. Then after waiting for a while you normally see a nurse, expect the nurse I saw asked me about my medical history in front of everyone and required me to go into detail. The nurse also talked really loudly about my medical issue and I was mortified, I felt like everyone was watching us. There was really no privacy. Even the calls he made to the doctor about my case were completely public and quite loud. Everyone else that has come in has gone to a separate room to give more details, except for me. I'm really upset.
Is this normal in some places? Is this a violation of confidentiality?
I'm not going to name the exact practice or it's location because I don't know their exact situation and it may be the norm in this area. Despite this, I am rather unsettled by the experience.
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2021.10.16 08:13 LelouchCecilia Trading these 4 for dark blade.

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2021.10.16 08:13 frenchfry_04 Having trouble finding reference for Blast’s face. Wondering if anyone here would have any… Also open to critiques

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2021.10.16 08:13 iknowyougotsoul We have these at work for sandwiches. Super delicious. Crunchy, tangy and decent spice level.

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2021.10.16 08:13 Relative-Question731 Whats a good way to rip off pay from an employer who shorts your checks?

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2021.10.16 08:13 flyingdragon324 Potential UW flag football RSO (Winter/Spring Quarter?)

I know I missed the cut-off for flag football intramurals this year. But, would anyone be interested in making a flag football club, or know of ways to ask people interested?
Use to play football in high school, but I am getting those competitive athletic withdrawals haha.
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2021.10.16 08:13 beigebrownn Vuca

Discuss "how a compensation structure of this VUCA world should look like" - what steps will you follow & research some ideas you will use in your compensation structure? - IMP - State the industry & the stage of business
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2021.10.16 08:13 JaxoJacobLebeau [BEDROCK] Endermen always look so stupid when mad. A witch hit him with a bottle and is malding so hard.

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2021.10.16 08:13 Ratbura238 Can you trust a company drowning in debt? DOE should re-assess Dennis Uy's heavily-leveraged takeover of Malampaya

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2021.10.16 08:13 PlethoraTiTan Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleeping Music, Yoga Music, Spa Music, Study Music, Insomnia

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2021.10.16 08:13 Limping_News_ hmmm

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2021.10.16 08:13 Madeyecollector I recently converted my Ancient armor set into an enchantment. My next goal is to get the Traveler’s armor converted, hopefully before I get up to Sigrun.

Now I just need to figure out which ace pommel to use. Right now I’m equipped with Versatile Warrior's Handle+. Open to any ideas, though I’m leaning towards the pommel you get from the whetstone quest that has a low chance to heal you on ace hits. No matter the choice it will be pricy. Can’t use the NG+ pommel earned from Sigrun since this is the first NG+ run on this file.
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2021.10.16 08:13 BugsArrow NFTb, Getting started with NFTb | CoinMarketCap

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2021.10.16 08:13 afasttoaster Gone Gone form of man Help me build the demon Etrigan (hear my plea, build him in 5e)

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