Not getting ads on any apps (ios15)

2021.10.16 08:03 MDVAFZturles Not getting ads on any apps (ios15)

I’ve tried practically everything to fix this issue, including changing personalized ads, tracking and location setting, signing out of iTunes, and doing a software update. Is there anything else I can do to get ads working?
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2021.10.16 08:03 Dilemma_1 Thomas Wayne Batman

Are there any tie ins or one shots that explore more of Thomas Wayne’s Batman? Or is flashpoint and final frontier it for now?
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2021.10.16 08:03 littleheartmatt 100% filler. I’d rather watch Busta Rhymes again.

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2021.10.16 08:03 IAhmer Who's cutting the onions

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2021.10.16 08:03 Immediate_Question99 💰 BABY FLOKI GAME 💰 Stealth Launch 💰 Listed On PancakeSwap 💰 Liquidity locked 💰

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2021.10.16 08:03 tosspotanonAgain I think I finally get what the book means by self seeking

I think I finally get what the book means by self seeking
Well, this isn’t a philosophical debate about split words and picking apart the nuance of the book. I must admit I do enjoy that sort of thing. It’s just not what I’m going to be talking about here…. You’re welcome. Instead, this is a sort of fifth step.
I say, “sort of” for two reasons. Primarily because it’s not a first fifth step. I’m one of those guys that upon ‘finishing’ the steps loops back to the start and goes through it again. I do believe and practice my daily maintenance steps, but I also find it rewarding to slowly go back and focus on each step one at a time.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a sponsor right now, and I just moved so I let myself off the hook and decided not to share the fifth step. After all, the book says this step can be postponed. So I justified my fear with that excuse.
Some may say what I’m sharing here isn’t a fifth step at all. To them, I say, “yup you’re right. I’m probably confused.” Instead what this could be is a portion of our maintenance steps. It’s around steps 10 and 11 where the book suggests we ask ourselves if we have kept anything to ourselves which should be shared with another alcoholic.
The second reason I say this is only sort of a fifth step, is that a fifth step is when I share on the defects revealed by the fourth step. This is only about one defect because it flows from one resentment.
Tonight, I said the seventh step prayer as I thought I was on this step. Trust me I'm sick and tired of this defect. It’s unbearably painful and has caused repeated difficulty in my life.
However, as I said the prayer I was hit with an overwhelming feeling of guilt. I know I haven’t told anyone about this defect. I argued with myself at first, stating I talk about it all the time. Probably too much! People are tired of hearing about it at this point.
Here’s the thing. No matter how badly I would like it to count, complaining about the other person is not the same as revealing my defect.
So here it is. My great big defect is self seeking.
Yup, I like sticking to the four categories the book lists, but don’t worry I’m not letting myself off that easily. I will elaborate and give specifics.
This term has produced great confusion for me. It sounds so much like selfishness it’s hard for me to conceptualize what it is. I think I get it now, and I think it’s my problem.
It started to make sense when I heard someone say they were seeking self in others. And that, my friends, is a definition I can work with. The instant I heard them say that I related.
It’s absolutely something I do and have done. Its resulted in so much headache and pain in my life.
When I was 15 I had enough of my Dad. For the purpose of brevity, I’ll keep the jist of that relationship to one sentence: he hurt me badly repeatedly. At 15 I said no and refused to return to his house.
It was for my emotional well being and I do not regret the decision. It was the right call according to logic and reason.
Emotions, as we all know, don’t often accept reason and logic. Looking back on it I can see that rejecting my Father left me deeply wounded. I wanted so much from him. I wanted his love, approval, and respect. I wanted my Dad to be proud of me, and he simply wasn't.
If I take the book's suggestion to view the other person as sick, well maybe he just wasn’t capable of those things. Or more charitably, he wasn’t capable of displaying those things in a healthy and normal manner.
Regardless, I belive my father was an early example act of self seeking. Don’t get me wrong, I was perfectly normal for feeling those feelings. The self seeking aspect is that I was seeking my self worth in him.
I’m not anything like a psychologist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a normal thing for a boy to do. How then can such a normal thing be a defect? Well, one answer comes from the 12 and 12: our natural healthy instincts can get out of whack over the course of life.
Additionally, I don’t believe a defect is all that bad of a thing. That is to say, I don’t view defects as sin. They certainly can be, and frequently present themselves as such, but it’s my understanding that they are simply defects in my character.
If I were a line of code it would be an error, and my divine developer would like my permission to correct it, so that I may function in line with my true nature. At this point in my program (no pun intended) it doesn’t hurt my feelings (AS MUCH AS IT USED TO) to discover a new defect.
After the age of father idolization came to an end, I got myself a high school sweetheart. She was my world. I ignored my friends, family, and school work to be with her. I thought I was in love with her. I wasn’t. Real love is something akin to admiring a moth that lands on your porch. You don’t grab it and make it yours forever.
I did - metaphorically - grab that girl and try and make her mine forever. Self seeking. That searching for myself, my value, in her was not love, but a defect. A defect that made the end of the relationship unbearable.
It was at that time I began seeking comfort in a bottle.
The self seeking didn’t evaporate with the liquor. Instead, it carried on with numerous people. My drug dealer, my next girlfriend, and the girl after that, to name a few.
You might be wondering at this point if I’m confused and actually uncovered codependency. Well, maybe. I don’t think so, but I see where you're coming from because I’m wondering the same thing.
I don’t know that much about codependency, so my analysis is rudimentary at best. That being said, I think codependency is… when you're dependent on another person. Perhaps self seeking, as I interpret it, can rise to a level of dependence.
Yet, at its core, I think self seeking is something you do to yourself. These instances I’m sharing about involve other people, but I don’t think that is a necessity of the defect. When I’m honest, as I can be with myself, I see that this defect also occurred with positions of status.
For example, I was raised Christian and went to a Christian school. I looked for value in my Christianity, and I don’t mean I found my self worth in my faith. I was not about that. I looked for value in the status of being ‘holier' than my Christian peers. It was about the status of it.
I later did the same thing with my position in Boy Scouts - I will be the best Senior Patrol Leader not to help you, but to seek myself in that position of status. Then later as a stoner I let you know how I skipped work and class on April 20th, so I could validate my identity. When I got into shrooms I bragged about ego death - the irony was lost on me - to validate my self perception.
This brings us to the most recent time this defect burnt me. I lost a close friend. I want to tell you all the little petty things he did to me, and gripe and moan about him, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. In reality, he didn’t do anything too bad to me.
He did some stuff and I did some stuff. We’ve had arguments. We’ve been dicks to each other from time to time. It happens when you’re that close to a person.
He changed over the years and so did I. We got on each other's nerves more and more frequently because of those changes. I ended up getting a different job and moving. Now we don’t talk.
In the good old days, we had an inside joke about a certain number. It became his number. It seems that every time I look at a page number, the time, my phone’s battery, or a license plate I see the number, and I’m filled with anger. Every petty thing he ever did wrong comes rushing back to my mind.
It’s been months and I’m sick and tired of this resentment.
The reason it hurts so damn bad is because I was absolutely seeking myself in him. I remained his close friend for so long, not because I valued his company, but because I had to. After all, who is Burton Guster without Shawn Spencer? Who is Robin without Batman? (Nightwing) Shaggy is just a stoner without scooby-doo.
It wasn’t fair of me to put that burden of self validation on anyone else's shoulders. It’s essentially a lie; a distortion of the truth. Rather than seeing who those people were, I saw who I wanted them to be. I can’t really get to know them if I’m seeing a mirage of who they are. Maybe I knew them well at one point in time, but I can’t watch them grow as a person when I’m, by nature of self seeking, only seeing the aspects of them that validate me.
This self seeking via another person limits my ability to be a good friend because I’m approaching the relationship selfishly. This aspect of the defect doesn’t really apply to institutions and status, but the next portion applies to everything.
Self seeking harms me. It keeps me from seeing the position or person as they really are. It’s the opposite of acceptance and a total lack of self respect. When I look for my value in external places it’s selling myself short. It’s robbing me of truly knowing myself.
I said earlier that I’m sick and tired of this defect. I am, but at the same time, I see why the book tells me to pause and review the other steps before moving on. I need them in order to take step six. In order to truly be willing to have this defect removed, I must be willing to truly experience reality. I must be willing to learn who I am.
That terrifies this alcoholic.
It's only through using those first three steps can I possibly take the next two.
Thank you for letting me share this.
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2021.10.16 08:03 Classic-Heat-4197 Replacing baseboard heater, do I need to ground both cables?

So I'm installing a baseboard heater and I noticed for the red cable that the ground was cut short and I'm not able to connect it to the baseboard heater.
I have grounded the baseboard heater with the ground wire from the white cable, as seen in the picture.
Should I be concerned with also grounding the ground wire from the red cable or is the ground from the white cable sufficient?
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2021.10.16 08:03 deerbot36 LF gray lighthouse

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2021.10.16 08:03 lochydjango celestegame Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.16 08:03 Tom_Henderson Can the Ubiquiti AP AC Pro be powered by the typical PoE switch?

Specs say PoE 802.3af. I seem to recall hearing that Ubiquiti ACs used a non-standard PoE spec, but maybe that was earlier generations their products. Just wondering if the AC Pro can be powered by an inexpensive Netgear or TP-Link PoE switch.
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2021.10.16 08:03 BigScapeFan What old item should come to osrs in 2022?

What old item should come to osrs in 2022?
View Poll
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2021.10.16 08:03 abcdef93301 So sexy

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2021.10.16 08:03 Bonkers_Reee love_irl

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2021.10.16 08:03 WebContent1 New images of Cumbre Vieja Volcano in La Palma showing swells of lava rivers and lightning, Day 28

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2021.10.16 08:03 SDbighead I used to have a hernia but it’s gone now does still effect my spit because I cough up foamy bubble mucus

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2021.10.16 08:03 MrVeeSus You have no choice

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2021.10.16 08:03 Thelostone0110 Has anyone had Azriel Genack for Phys 122.4?

Currently he’s the only option for the class, haven’t heard great things about him—but anyone can offer some more insight?
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2021.10.16 08:03 Hour_Barracuda7606 Day 4 - nofap/nopmo

I’ve noticed it usually takes me about 3 days to feel like I’m replenished. First couple of days feels hard.
I was able to to those first days by barely using my phone.
Right now, I’m my energy is back, sexual urges are extreme if I have persistent thoughts.
I feel like I can keep going and I want to. Things are getting better.
Slowly but surely I’m making progress and progress is what I aim for.
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2021.10.16 08:03 hin2u Why is everyone looking at me

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2021.10.16 08:03 SparkSan I hate this but I love this lmao

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2021.10.16 08:03 noahacks [Free Release] RouteConfigurator, set preferred audio routes for different apps.

RouteConfigurator allows users to select preferred audio routes (i.e. HomePod, AirPods, Speaker) for different apps. The tweak comes with a control centre module that you can use to configure the preferred audio route for the currently opened app.
Contact: Twitter (@ginsudev)
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2021.10.16 08:03 2tBrawler M13 Best Gunsmith Build in Season 8 CODM & Mythic M13 Morningstar ft. Shayad Song : A Lyrical Video

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2021.10.16 08:03 Big_Raccoon_6425 LTC is going to shine in future 🔥❤️🥰😇

LTC 🔥🔥
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2021.10.16 08:03 SweatyShirtlessMan How common is it for a company to use Python when not doing some kind of data analytics/science?

I read online that Python is the most common programming language in the US job market. Is this true for software engineers? I find that a little surprising because of how slow Python can be.
Do you ever use Python for non data analytics stuff at work? If yes for what?
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