That little voice saying "Numb it numb it numb it"...

2021.10.16 06:54 Cooper_Inc That little voice saying "Numb it numb it numb it"...

Had a really difficult day today... Needed to collect the remainder of my belongings from my ex's place and put into storage. From start to finish it was trying all of my being to get through it, throw into the mix Adele's new song that kept coming onto the radio and making me clench to hold back crying while driving...
That voice kept popping into my head saying have a drink to numb this, just get through it then go home and be numb. Numb it, numb it, numb it.
I realised that a drink wouldn't numb it, it would likely make me feel sadder and more unable to control my emotions. Then I remembered someone sending me something along the lines of the below a while ago... and it felt powerful to me today, so I hope it helps some of you.
Sit with it. Instead of drinking it away or running from it. Just sit with it. You need to feel it to heal it.
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2021.10.16 06:54 vinevin You know the feeling

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2021.10.16 06:54 GuunerKuuber I present the blueberry muffin breakfast burger for your questions and judgement

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2021.10.16 06:54 ChartNext Carti

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2021.10.16 06:54 Lightw0lf Need some help

Hey all! I’ve been playing bass around the metro Atlanta area for almost a decade now but I never had a teacher except for YouTube. I’ve played bar gigs and church gigs all throughout. But I seem to only regurgitate what the original bass player have on the record. I feel like I cannot figure out how to go about playing stuff in the moment. So I decided to turn to learning scales and I’m willing to learn “basic” techniques or whatever it takes but I just don’t know where to start. I would love some recommendations oh what to leapractice. I don’t want short cuts I just want to put in the time but I need to know what to put the time into. Thank you all in advance.
From: a peach in need of a teach
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2021.10.16 06:54 FrontpageWatch2020 [#277|+1124|138] “Entrepreneur” [r/niceguys]

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2021.10.16 06:54 uhh-boneless-chicken Product advice for a newbie to DE shaving, and question about irritation :)

Recently invested in a DE safety razor, but so far I've had nothing but more issues with ingrown hair, etc since swapping from cartridge. I shave right after showering, usually every day due to even more neck irritation if I let the hair grow. I'm currently looking at buying a brush, shaving soap and better blades ( , but I could use some advice on whether the ones I've chosen seem appropriate. Also, any suggestions for why I'm getting such severe irritation would be super appreciated. Is it a technique issue or simply that I don't have the right products yet? I've had irritation on my neck from shaving since around 13, so 6 years, which prompted my switch in hopes this would fix it but it very rarely gets this bad.
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2021.10.16 06:54 ParappaDaRappaport About that $600

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2021.10.16 06:54 mm1dude Hailee Steinfeld Sexy Legs in a Red Dress

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2021.10.16 06:54 ZoolShop Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for longest mission | Space

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2021.10.16 06:54 FrontpageWatch2020 [#607|+1366|732] My point is you're working for a news organization. If they're lying about a comedian taking horse medication, what are they telling us about Russia? What are they telling us about Syria? Do you understand that that's why people g… [r/JoeRogan]

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2021.10.16 06:54 Galaxy2432 Sorry what?

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2021.10.16 06:54 Donkeyvanillabean Is this game still active

Just stumbled on this, the game looks awesome but I’m wondering if it has much of a player base
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2021.10.16 06:54 Fobie_ Auction house

Anyone else think it is ironic that a game developed by Amazon has an absolutely terrible auction house system for searching, posting, displaying, and sorting items?
At least let me search terms like "of the fighter". Let me hit back and actually go back to my previous page. How about letting me search sold items by the time that they were sold so that when I log for the day I can see what the gold popping on the screen was actually from. What about limiting the filter to only attributes that can be for the items I'm searching instead of making me go through 4 pages of attributes that aren't even possible.
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2021.10.16 06:54 Veers_Memes infants are true Sigmas.

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2021.10.16 06:54 CapnTender Are offbrand GameCube controllers scams?

I'm trying to get into competitive Smash Ultimate, and I'm sick of the drift and shit of my wireless pro controller. As such, I'm looking to get a wired GameCube controller. There's so many offbrand controllers on Amazon and I didn't know if those have the proper response rate I'm looking for in a controller. If they don't, where can I find proper controllers? Thanks for the help
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2021.10.16 06:54 vonm_ Unsent notification

Do I still get unsent notification even after I deleted the chat?
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2021.10.16 06:54 Depressing_Junko Chara... not much to say

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2021.10.16 06:54 FrontpageWatch2020 [#575|+1244|113] German state allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers – even for groceries

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2021.10.16 06:54 StarvinMarvin314 [srpb41j1] I think im in love

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2021.10.16 06:54 kickypie If you wear makeup to work everyday and want to get sent home “sick”, just go to the bathroom and wash it off mid-shift or come to work not wearing any, and say you don’t feel 100%. They will be so used to how you look with it on, the uneven skin tone will make you look unwell to them

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2021.10.16 06:54 KirbyCloud9 Ppl keep using this as an excuse, in 1.18 hostile mobs spawn in 0 light which means that you can easily tell if mobs can spawn there or not

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2021.10.16 06:54 Dazzling-Try57 Stepson has no direction

To start my stepson inherited a lot of money on his 18 birthday . All he knew is he wanted to go to college in nyc . First he took the whole family to Cartagena ( except me) didn’t care about registration for classes bla bla took marketing . Bought a 700 dollar guitar , never learned to play it . Bought a paint set to learn how to paint , no talent at all. Said he would write a screenplay , did 4 pages leaning Japanese now let’s see bought a 3000 Nikon camera because he wants to build a portfolio for art schoool once he finishes marketing . He’s going to graduate hopefully but does not want a marketing careeer wants to go on to art school None of this is ever gonna happen
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2021.10.16 06:54 MrReaux Tals Armor

Is this just dropping for everyone? Like wtf. All I’m seeing across the page today is Tal Armors falling like a blizzard.
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2021.10.16 06:54 chairsong735 I hate when people stick their tongues out in photos

I believe there is a time and a place for silly faces. It irritates me when people, specifically in my experience teenage girls, stick their tongues out in almost every photo they take. It is like the new version of the duck lips fad. It isn’t that hard to take a good photo.
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